Friday, December 26, 2014


Have always wanted to write this somewhere but with all these HR folks who read my blog before interviewing, had this little fear but right now I'm in this "pongada / pongadi neengalum unga velayum" frame of mine . Thank you Akka Ammani avargale for this post  thanks to which I'm writing mine.

The last Saturday of September 2014. We had to get some work done from Rajathi Raja Raja Marthanda Creative / 'All in All anantharaman team of the organisation. I was reporting to the Sales Head and unfortunately with the creative team being creative team we couldn't execute some last minute job. The Sales Head dadiyan* was fuming, called me and instead of stopping at questioning and discussing what next, he went a step further and started using abusive language. All I could hear was this -
"I don't care what the f.... you are doing... I want the f... logo f... on air... okay ..f...f...f...f" in a very threatening tone.

While I completely got his anger because the client was fuming and it would've resulted in revenue loss I didn't get his language at all. 

These F words in organisation have become like "Hello, hi how are you" . People especially the big bosses seem to completely ok with everyone using such words. I am not. And I was not going to take this lightly.

I wrote a formal complaint to the HR head cc-ing the CEO pointing out abusive language and the tone of Dadiyan. Reiterated that while the creative team could not execute the job on a weekend and that Dadiyan at every right to question me, he had no business using such language. Received an immediate reply from HR Head asking me to come and meet with him on Monday.

When I entered office on Monday, Dadiyan* came ilichifying and said "Can we talk?" I didn't want to talk to him. I had discussed and rehearsed my conversation well with my husband where we had decided I will not speak to Dadiyan until I spoke to the HR head.

HR head spoke to me at length in the presence of another female colleague from HR and asked if I was comfortable with a conversation with Dadiyan. I declined. Didn't want to speak to the Paowala Dadiyan who had no manners or sense because the only word he'd use for anything and everything was F...

HR was to get back to me on my formal complaint but there was no mail or communication from them on this for weeks. I brought it up again when they mentioned they had a word with Dadiyan, warned him and that this formal complaint against him in his employee file. I reiterated I was still looking for a formal mail from HR on their steps.

In the meantime, the brilliant HR being HR made some organisational shuffling in which they wanted me to shift to a different department after receiving feedback from... Dadiyan who obviously had issues with me. Another sales head who I was reporting to wanted to retain me in his department and did not want me to be shifted to another department since he felt I added value to what I was doing. So I was ok.

In all this kalebaram, Dadiyan resigned. I did not speak to him till November end which was his last working week. I hope I never see that rotten face again ever in my life. Ya and I'm still waiting for the official mail from HR.

How can I not thank the lovely people in my life who helped get through the 48 most stressful hours of my life? The spouse, who at long distance, rehearsed, coached and helped me deal with the entire situation, Sister and brother in law, wonderful friends - PR, Peter, Albert , Debbie and Meer :)

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paavai said...

I am so glad you escalated, one of the dadiyan's in my office has a fancy for "hair" in addition to "F" Tamil. His secretary poor thing is so annoyed and doesn't know what to do since he is the Lord & Master of everything and she cannot afford to antagonize him. Happy for you and good riddance to your dadiyan ..