Sunday, April 09, 2006

Aruval -vs- Blade

In the coming Assembly elections, the Mylapore constituency is witnessing the clash of the sharpeners - S Ve Shekar (AIADMK) and Napolean (DMK).

Neppo's mylapore manifesto (mm) includes a free veshti for every Mylaporean. The unique thing about the veshti is that it comes madichyfyed and can only be worn on top of a kodu potta drawer.You cannot un-madichyfy the veshti and it is apt for the Madras veyyil, so says Nepz.

S V's Mylapore manifesto, on the other hand, has a free orange colour t-shirt for every family. The speciality of the T-shirt is that if you are size 'Large', you will be given a 'Medium' size shirt, if you are an 'XL', 'L' for you and so on, and thus helps you show off your toppai. He promises that he will not use public money or for that matter,his own to buy the T-shirts.These T-shirts will be borrowed from Rex Fashions.
If Neppo wins, he has promised a free aruval for every Mylaporean family..This will come handy for the Mylaporean taaikulam and they can use it during their 'Kozhayadi' sandais.The Aruva has a sound system attached to it and it says "Deeeei.." in Neppo's voice whenever one takes it out.

S V has promised to give a blade to each family. The blade too, comes with a sound sytem and whenever the blade is used by men for a shave or by women to ward off bus pokkiris, it will automatically say "Amma jinguchaa..." S V adds that the blade symbolizes his 'kadi' jokes.

Aruval-a Blade-a ?

Pongi ezhundu vaakaliyungal Mylapore makkalae!

5 Responses:

vishy said...

hmm erkanve SVe Sekar oru vatti elections la ninnarunga. Avar thothallum kongam gauravama thottu ponnar. Enna matter na... he got more votes than Nedun Chezhiyan.. (whom I think even lost his deposit).

Any way Nepolean vs SVe Sekar.. nalla political comedy...

enga vetu kitta Nepolean vandhu.. oru syntex water tank aah tharanthu vetcharunga... water tank tharakarthukka ..ivaru election la ninnaru.. its high time these people stop wasting their time in opening ceremonies and spend it on making some good decisions.

ambi said...

oh is it..? after coming to bnglre, i'm unable to keeping updated abt TN news.. another hilarous post from u yekka!

kuttichuvaru said...

tat was funny!! aruvaa Vs Blade, huh??

Kaps said...

aaga moththam voter thalaila thunda poda poraanga.

siva gnanamji(#18100882083107547329) said...

49 o nu mudivu pannitten