Monday, April 21, 2008

Meet the new 'Roshans' of the adfilm industry

I just loved the track... loved the painting-effect on the visuals.. Loved everything about the IPL 'Dharmyuddh' promo. Aiyyayo! Just when I was about to start my research for my Asatthal Advertisement series on the IPL 'Karmayuddh' ad, here comes a dampener. This ad is a blatant lift from a five year old baseball commercial and what's worse - Prasoon Pandey, the director of the commercial denying that it is an eeyadicchan copy.

Paavegala.. Now am waiting for an American Ram Sampath to 'bless' (sue) Prasoon and Piyush Pandey - the new Roshans of the adfilm world!

Watch the original here.

2 Responses:

Gayatri said...

Che, I really like the ad too.. Now, i'm all disappointed!

ILA (a) இளா said...

Oh, it is a easy way Copy-Paste..
somehow i didnt like the ad, since the similar was broadcasted during with black & white in last world cup.