Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bommaigalil oru Blooper

The weekend before Navarathri is usually very hectic. I take great pride in my golu bommais which are neatly packed and labeled in separate cartons.

The Giri trading golupadi is by far the most complicated structure I have ever come across and setting it up takes more than two hours with more than a five dozen nuts and bolts. My better-aaf helps me quite a bit in setting up and I do the decoration part of it.

Lack of space is one big deterrent for us to add a big set of bommai year after year but we manage to add a small set somehow.

My next post will have full-on Golu pics with the newbies of the year... but before that, have a look at this ultra cute blooper-bommai! I hope to auction this bommai someday and make a million bucks out of it!

9 Responses:

maxdavinci said...

It looks like a violin but being held like a veena. ALso its upside down!

double blooper!

Boston Bala said...

Imported pamabaati & Ashtalakshmi after the last India trip. They occupied even more space and had to retire some of the local dolls from 'Christmas Tree Shops' (read Noah's ark, halloween themed toys)

Next year planning on going big with 9 padis.

SoulSpace said...

terrific blooper shot! Hawk eye!
my golu is a restrained three step, dont have the courage to attempt a bigger one.
hope to post some of mine too
waiting for yours

umm oviya said...

so cute... trust you to pick it up, instead of rejecting it as a defective piece.

Anonymous said...

ooh.. where did you get it from? I bet my dad will love it. he's a big golu freak! let me know when to start bidding!

Ramya said...

ohh.. I really miss kolu after leaving India.. :((
tat was a vry cute doll..

Ramya said...

it looks ignorant n pitiful:)

D LordLabak said...

I say buy golu bommais made in China.;-)

Anonymous said...

quite loved this article esp the Giri Trading golu padi bit... Can perfectly understand ur plight.