Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tele-vetti 19

Tele-vetti 18 Aascar winner Vikram S - 10/10 - Congratulations!


Lavs - 7/10 ; LKS - 9/10 ; Preetha - 6/10

The correct answers for Rahman Raagas:

1. Sonnalum ketpadillai - Kaadhal Virus

2. Azhagana ratchasiye - Mudhalvan

3. Nazrein milana - Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na

4. Madrasa suthi paaka poren - May Maadham

5. Theeyil vizhunda taena - Varalaaru

6. Naan paadum - Duet

7. Vayendral vanakkam - New

8. Yaakai tiri /Fanaa - Ayudha ezhuthu / Yuva

9. Behka - Ghajini

10. Vidaikodu engal naade - Kannathil muthamittal

Tele-vetti 19 - 'Paathram pazhasu quiz pudusu'

  • Time for The Aascars on Tele-vetti 19
  • Identify the tamizh films with these 'Paathram shots'
  • One entry per person / Only one guess allowed
  • One point per correct answers - 8 points to be won
  • Email your answers to blogeswari {AT} gmail {DOT} com
  • Last date for sending your entries - Monday, 28th September

  • Email your answers to blogeswari {AT} gmail {DOT} com
  • Please do not post your answers in the comments section

Sachita - You were right. Have deleted the old one and uploaded another pic
ture. Not to worry about the numbering.

11 Responses:

Praveen said...

I missed this one! Wish I had taken part, knew all the answers! :)

Lavs said...

[Praveen]-Take part in this new one...mudhinchu ponna contest pathi enna pechu:)

[blogeswari]-i am safely skipping this one as i know only one answer..alpama erukum 1/10 vagarathu!

குப்பன்.யாஹூ said...

I guess these paathrams came in Unnaaal mudiyum tambi, enna samayalo song.

Revs said...

Miss, this is a very tough quosteen paper! Not that I attend all the other tests. Aanaalum oru 4-5 aavdhu theriyum mathadhula ellam. Idhula kandippa I'll get a Poojiyam!

Sachita said...

i know 3/8, but epdi numbering order nu therlaya.
the last but one picture suthma blurreda eruku.

ps: 6 months wait pananuma, resultuku?

Praveen said...

I know 3 :).

@ Lavs: 3/10 kooda kevalam thaan :D

Artnavy said...


ambi said...

welcome back. :)

quiz pathi naan mooche vida maatten. sundal kuduthaa vangindu poyindee iruppen.

1/10 vaanga enakku aasai illai.

Let me see how LKS reacts for this quiz. :p

toughest qstn paper, so all of us are boycotting the quiz, he hee :))

b u b b l e s said...

Appa thank god i am not alone. My score also 1/10 .. I was cringing in misery when I glanced upon the comments section. Wondering if all the "ones" got the same "one" :P said...

"blogeswari", lol.
nice post.

The Fun place.

Revs said...

Quosteen paper maatheeteenga? Now I know 2 :D