Sunday, April 29, 2012

N.T.Rama Rao gaaru Prasadaumm

Lakshmi, our cook is one of my rare finds in Mumbai. Lakshmi hails from the land of NTR, Jr.NTR, Aavakkai and cooks awesome food especially South Indian for our ‘varanda’ tongues suffering from the boring bland roti-dal.

Most Cook Akkas will never learn to make new cuisine (Rasam, Sambar, Koottu, Pasta, Pulao types) and even if they do know how to won’t admit they know for fear of being asked to make them. They are quite content making the same thing. The best part about Lakshmi is that they makes stuff on her own without being asked to. Her kuzhanda manasu   is one of the other reasons we are quite ok with her bunking 5-6 days a month unannounced. The other day she had made this awesome Gongura chutney, on her own. Had tweeted a picture of the chutney and a couple of people wanted to know the recipe. So here we are.

Ingredients for Gongura Chutney
  1. Puliccha Keerai { Tamil  }/ Ambadi (bhaji) in Hindi  / Sorrel leaves { English } – 2 bunches
  2. Tomatoes    - 2
  3. Red chillies – 7 numbers
  4. Garlic           - 1 small pod
  5. Jeera             - 2 big spoons
  6. Urad dal/Ulutham parupu – One small spoon
  7. Chana dal / Kadalai parupu – One small spoon
  8. Kadugu / Rai – One small spoon
  9. Kadipatta / Karuveppillai – a few leaves
  10. Asafoetida - a pinch
  11. Salt to taste            
  12. Gingelly Oil / Nallennai
Gongura chutney is very easy to make and you will be done before the end of the 2nd commercial break of a movie on “Indiya tollaikaatchigaLil mudalll Muraiyaaga…”.

As you are all set to watch a movie on TV, when the movie starts, as the credits roll watching TV....
  • Wash and Remove the leaves of Pulicha keerai / Ambadi
  • Cut tomatoes into medium sized pieces
During the 1st commercial break
  • Put a little bit of oil  and fry the tomatoes and the Greens for 5 minutes
  •  Let this cool
  • In the same kadai, fry 5 red chillies .Let this cool
Come back to watch the movie. When the 2nd commercial break starts
  • Put the red chillies, add salt, jeera (without frying) and garlic (without frying) in the mixie and blend    these.
  •  To this, add the tomato and greens and blend it to a paste
By this time the movie must have started again. If it hasn’t , good. You can do the taalichal/ tadka. Else increase the volume on TV so that you don't miss out on the action and come back to the kitchen.

  •      Fry Kadugu (Rai), Kadalai paruppu ( Chana dal) , ULutham paruppu (Urad dal), Jeera , 2 red chillies, Karuvepilai (Kadipatta), Asafoetida and pour it on the Gongura chutney. 
  •       Your super duper chutney is ready!

Now go back and watch the movie. Don’t forget to carry a plate of hot rice, with ghee poured all over. Add a big spoonful of your Gongura chutney and eat with your hand. Do watch the movie while eating. There’s no better way to enjoy a movie than this. (It is boring to eat dinner sitting on a dining table with/without company)

Don’t forget to look at your expression in the mirror while you have the first kai of Gongura chutney saadam and that's most likely to be like this......bliss!

Now tell me, isn’t Gongura chutney truly the Prasadam (as Golts put it “Prasadauummnn”) of NTR?

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha absolutely loved reading it, girl! I am in my 1st trimester and so badly want to eat gongura and other spicy andrha dishes. Our kodi thanks ( vandhanamuluuuu) :d


Aarti said...

Yumm, i love gongura chutney... :)

Vidya Sury said...

I lived in the land of prasadauuum for almost half my life. Oh, and I once had the "plezer" of traveling by train to Vishakapatnam with the "virginal" NTR in the adjoining "comfartment". At dinner time, he passed around cashewnut pakodas and cashew infested pulao to everyone. Then he got off at Anakapalli. What fun. So up close and "fersonal" with the "lezend"

Anonymous said...

Hilarious as always! esp the prasadaumm bit...!

Anonymous said...

You forgot one point to have a side of raw onions cut into small pieces. Deadly combo in Andhra:)


தக்குடு said...

ha ha ha :)

ravi kiran navuduri said...

Gongura, onion and papad.Deadly combo.Prasadaumm thing is too funny.Lol

Ganga said...

haha... u r funny.. even when u diligently give out a recipe...