Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Dhanush syndrome*

There's one viral vyaadhi that's spreading across TN, more particularly within the Madras gumbal these days. It's probably been around for centuries but thanks to social media and innapira elements, one is noticing a lot these days.This is this, nobody-cares-for-us-Tamilnadu-Madras-folks-and-you-you-you-"North Indians*"-in-particular-are-very-mean-to-us. Add the "you-people-are-typecasting-us" type aruvai.

Once ok, twice ok but at every platform of late, one has been listening to his polambals. This is getting mega blade by the month where instead of glorifying one's own and one's city/ state/ people's achievements, makkal are using mega platforms to glorify self pity. Why can't we simply accept that people on the other side of Vindhyas are not-so-intelligent like you fellows, don't know that your state/ city and its people stand for more than just Filter Coffee and Masala Dosai? And why do we crave for their attention so much? I've ranted on the typecasting bit earlier, but once I realised the other side is a big dhaddi, chose to move on. 

And with all this ranting what we do get? A bunch of people perpetually whining about "North Indians" not giving them enough attention and all this typecasting. Why does it boil down to a  "Our city didn't get our two seconds in the 'Nation wants to know debate' on National television? None of this give you the city and the state coverage you desire. The city, the state and its people are distinct and have an identity of their own. By wasting golden opportunities that help you showcase the positive aspects of the people and the city/state, one is turning to outrage aathas and uncles like these liberal gumbals. Stop eet nalla Madras and Tamizhnaattu makkale!

*North Indians - people in Delhi, Kolkata, Madhyapradesh, Mumbai and the rest of the North India

*Dhanush syndrome - "Though-am-a-millionaire-now-I-come-from-a-poor-humble-beginning-where-once-upon-a-several-times-I-lived-in-a-hut-and-I-don't-know-English-and-am-humble-so-please-acknowledge-I'm-humble.

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FunScribbler said...

hahahaha the dhanush syndrome is very well-explained!

Karthik Sriram said...

This is awesome!

SoulSpace said...

Dhanush Syndrome- well said