Sunday, February 08, 2009

Kala Ghoda festival 2009

The Karuppu kudirai is back and yes, had this alpa thrill of being one of the first to attack the shops and fill my bag with everything and anything from the Kala Ghoda bazaar.

This installation by a group of architecture students from Prabhadevi caught my eye. This is not part of their project / syllabus / curricullum . These guys decided to get together, buy used cycles from the scrap dealer , chorbazaar etc. and put them together.

If there's an award for the best stall in Kala Ghoda , it should go to Harshad Patankar . This young mechanical engineer's handmade watches and clocks are a must buy. Me no cash - he no accept card. I WANT THESE CLOCKS, DEAR PURUSAN!

The Hastakari stall - One bag and two kurtas added to my shopping cart and the quilt, to the wish list.
A regular at almost all craft bazaars in Mumbai - Nirmala from Kottans (pic). "Namma oorkaaraala naamadan encourage pannanum" - M-i-l's golden words and yours truly added two small pouches to the shopping cart.

For Hamsi, Teesu, Arj, Sharan and I....

Plus Brass ganapatis, Concern India's pen holders, pouches plus bags plus Orissa handicrafts plus...

The Shopping will todarum tomorrow....this time with one number man's big fat wallet which will (hopefully) have more money than the chillarai I had carried today.

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Venkatramanan said...

A very strange coincidence - Watching all the Episodes of Vidathu karuppu now (from!

VenkatramanAN! (& NOT Venkatraman)

ammani said...

Sooper! Please to buy one number clock for me also, no? As gift from you, of course (No vekkams, I say!).

Slogan Murugan said...

Lovely! Love the images esp. the masthead.

ambi said...

//The Shopping will todarum tomorrow//

kizhinjadhu krishnagiri :)))

pics are too colourful esp the buckets pic.

*ahem, will send U the ans for the quij today. :))

Artnavy said...

hey i got the quilt !!

Anonymous said...

Been a while since you last wrote something here... Nice post as always.


ATT said...

Bucket art... send one mechanical clock for me thru Hamsi... I'll be meeting her in Hyd this weekend :P

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Loverly my dear...including what you have pointed out especially for me;) I love these kind of happenings and you know it!

Anonymous said...

lovely post. Wish you could cover it in a little more detail for the unfortunate like us who are unable to be a part of such an exciting fest.

adithi said...

Got to know about your post through an email sent by your brother Abhi. Thank you for you warm comments!!!
on behalf of my ;) technophobic fiancé Harshad.