Sunday, January 31, 2010

ADra sakka! ADra mokka!

A new series where the best and boring television advertisements (TVCs) of the month will be featured.

ADra sakka!

1. SBI Life Insurance

Insurance is the most boring category when it comes to TVCs and it is not very come up with something out of the box for this category.In how many ways can you express the same 'Family, security, anything-for-your-loved-ones, plan-for-tomorrow'? This ad is about planning for a better tomorrow 'coz zindagi hai jeene ke liye which most other, rather, all other plays talk about. But SBI's TVC conveys it beautifully. A young couple listening to Kishore Kumar's 'Hum jab hoonge saath saal...' in the car on the radio and the husband decides to switch off only to sing his own verses to the same tune only what he would do when he turns 60. This brings a cute smile on the wife's face and she asks him if he'd have his teeth intact to enjoy the ice cream that he has been singing about. He replies, they laugh and get out of the car to enjoy the rains on Marine drive.

When we come up with ideas for our clients the boss often asks us to look around for situations in our everyday life. And that's precisely what this ad has done (No, we haven't come up with this thought). Am sure a lot of us break into impromptu songs or sing along with the radio as we drive and this ad has captured this particular situation really well. The casting is very good. The guy's mischievous expressions as she switches on the radio and before he decides to switch off adds to the fun. The ad has been produced by Chrome pictures directed by Amit Sharma.


How, how, how? How on earth do they come up with ultra cute TVCs every single time? The animated 'Hi's , the pug, the alerts and of course the zoo zoos

This TVC is on promoting the number 121 for subscribers to call and choose an offer that fits them the best.

A young girl is looking to adopt (buy?) a dog and the guy at the store shows her a couple of them. She is not quite happy with any of them. Finally she is, with this cute one that strangely resembles her with its big ears similar to her mane :)

Check it out here

Hats off to Rajiv Rao & team Ogilvy!

3. Aman Ki Asha

Am not in favor of any Indo-Pak peace process and Aman Ki Asha as a concept is so... f...ake! But this ad is really nice. Senti yes but quite well done

The ad starts with this old guy trying to mime something to another guy who is watching him through the binoculars. The senior citizen's friends are helping him communicate something. We assume they are playing dumb charades and it is revealed at the end of the TVC that the group of senior citizens are from Pakistan wanting to listen to a song from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge on the radio and the young guys across the border in India are helping them by calling the radio station on the request hour.

Lovely ad wasted for this concept which is nothing but a stupid marketing ploy.

ADra mokka!

IDEA- Save paper

Their caste war campaign was refreshing when it was on air two years ago. The walk and talk was one big yawn and now the most boring of them all.. Save paper! It is not about the thought but the execution. The ad wants to talk about IDEA cellular replacing papers in airports, churches, colleges, courts, restaurants... ooph! Oh yes also emphasize the fact that Abhishek Bachchan, the brand ambassador is the .. THE TREE himself!

What a mokka Idea sirjee!

See you next month that will feature the Feb ads. Suggestions for the best and worst of Feb to be mailed to blogeswari [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

12 Responses:

Soin said...

i had a nightmare of bachan jr shaped ents..and that paid joke.pathetic.sappai

Kadarkarai Thangam.S said...


you said this as mokkai ads ah!!!
its possible one day...

Meow said...

i totally agree with that idea ad.. i just hate it so much..

I like the latest AIRTEL ad where in the small kid will give his dad's fone number to everyone :)

Anonymous said...

The most mokka ad and totally irrelevant and disconnected to the product is DOCOMO ad in the train where all idiotic multi mational models sing or chant. Absolutely hate it . DOCOMO executives should be fools to have accept the concept. The most irritating is the girl with mouth open and the guy with flat eyes and how the hell do they represent the todays generation.

When will the india media industry realize that the demographics of the country is changed and the target demographics sector is no more in the prime teens.

Anonymous said...

amma blogamma,

ayiruthil oruvan parthitingala?

oru suru suru review onu potta enna?
ipadi than Dil bole Hadiappa ketten

Sujatha Ramesh

Haddock said...

The Aman ki Asha is a good one and well made.

Krishnan said...

How about the Save Tiger campaign advertisements (where the cub reacts for the gun shots)? I felt this was one of the best made ads in the recent times.

valaignan said...

Bru's second decoction ad excels.(particulalrly the daughter in law)

ambi said...

Visiting here after a long time. U rock as usual. :)

Two of your chinese fans has dropped comments it seems. :p

vaazhga blogeswari pugazh even in china! :))) LOL

ATT said...

andha save trees by using mobile phone (or idea) is the most mokka ad I have ever seen in my life... the truth is number of bees and birds going down due to rise in mobile usage/mobile towers in many places...

ATT said...

want you to rip a Hindi movie - blogeswari style soon!

Karthik Sriram said...

Abishek Bachchan-ah normalla paarthaale kadiya irukkum. Idhule mara-mandaya paartha kandippave veruppa irukku.