Monday, September 19, 2011

ADra sakka! ADra mokka! - 4

A whole of new jingle based television commercials these days. Some of the ads I like :

ADra sakka!

1. Airtel

In their attempt to get closer and connect with the youth, the guys at Taproot have come up with a lovely thought ' Har ek friend Zaroori Hota Hai'. Ram Madhvani, a veteran in advertising films has directed this TVC. The real heroes of this ad are lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya and Ram Sampath, the music director. Ram has created over 4000 jingles in the past that include Tata Safari -Reclaim your life, Sony Ericcson Thump, Close up - Paas ao and has been in the business for more than a decade. Ram is also the music director of Delhi Belly.

I am aware the fatigue level on this ad is a bit high thanks to its high rotate but one cannot deny that this particular jingle with a repetitive catch phrase has had instant 'Likes' across.

2. Vodafone

It's Vodafone's turn to strike back with a 'youth based' campaign this time for the Facebook phone with a 2 min 20 second ad. Conceived by Ogilvy and filmed by Prakash Varma of Nirvana films, the best part of this TVC is the jingle. Filmed in heavy duty Broadway style, the jingle makes you sing along with it's catch phrase 'He's always on facebook!' and the super 'tan tan tadadadantan tan tan tan ....'

The music director is Mikey McCleary whose recent hits include retro based 'Khoya Khoya Chand' and 'Hawa Hawaai' in Shaitan and the album 'The Bartender' .

3. Volkswagen Jetta

Based on the thought that one will do anything to drive the Jetta, this television commercial features a guy born with wings that made him a celebrity, dumping them to drive the Jetta.

Conceptualized by DDB Mudra, this ad has been directed by Hamish Rothwell for Nomad films & Good oil films. The thought, the casting and the post production are really nice, the only thing that irks me is the expression of our hero in the end as he drives the car. Neither is he happy nor is he sad. What are they trying to say? Nevertheless, it appeals to me. Any idea who the music director is?

4. Hero Honda

A cliched` thought 'A Hero in each of us' and a done-to-death treatment with tense faces attempting to do something and emerging as heroes. Don't know what connection this has with the bike but this Anurag Kashyap & Robby Grewal directed film has the one and only A R Rahman as its music director and the best part is Rahman has (obviously) sung the Tamizh version too! (the Marathi, Telugu versions have other singers).

And this one too, like all ARR's jingles (Airtel, Etios) are on the 'Feel Good' Playlist on my Ipod. "Nammule Hero, Naamandri Yaaro?" - lyrics definitely not written by a Matunga, Chembur based Bombay Tamizh writer. I am assuming it is a lyricist from the film industry. If you know who the writer is please tweet back . The agency is Law & Kenneth.

Edited to add: (22nd Sep) : Tamizh lyrics by Kavignar Vaali. Thank you Anil for the tweet

5. Flipkart

Three films featuring kids with adults' voice-overs. Cute idea, mad execution. The cafe` film has this boy (man!) asking "What you are ordering? What's going to be your first song (on the mp3 player)?" The second boy "Ringa Ringa Roses!". The first one "That's a classic!" . Brings a smile every time I see him say that. Good choice of V.O artiste especially for the kid who says "That's a classic!"

In the same series, the office film is somewhat ok ok. The parlor film where the girl frowns when her friend says "Handsome guy eh!", is cute. Watch it online before it gets pulled off air/ net for depicting kids from North east as 'Parlor girls doing pedicure' in the film.

All three films have been directed by Ayyappa, produced by my one of my favorite production houses - Footcandles film. The music director is Sameeruddin, the agency - Happy Creative services. Here's the cafe` film.

6. Bournville

The earlier Cadbury Bournville ad was slightly outrageous (in a nicer way) with a 'you have to earn it' connect. The new TVC has a Bournville official looking for the perfect Ghana (cocoa) bean. In that process, the not-ok one gets rejected and it starts to weep. The commercial ends with the thought ' Only the best Ghana Cocoa goes into making a Bournville, that's why you have to earn it'

Personally I found the thought a bit overstretched in this ad. But Vinyl Mathew's direction, the overall execution and the great cast get a Thumbs up from me. The production is Footcandles film, music by R Anandh, Ogilvy is the creative agency.

Now over to the ones I hate

ADra mokka!


Fellow Mylaporean, this brand has a great nostalgic value. "Poye Poche! It's gone! Chole gache!" - Remember? Their last campaign had a series of candid camera ads inspired by Funniest Home videos. Then came Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu endorsing the Strong Balm.

With Munni making Amrutanjan's competitor Zandu Balm famous and increasing its market share, Amrutanjan strikes back with its version of Savitha Bhabhi. There's one for the balm that I can't find online. It has a sleazy looking Bhabhi (sister-in-law) applying Amrutanjan on her brother-in-law's forehead talking about applying it before his brother (her husband) comes back from work or some such thing. The other ad for Roll on is no better. Total Bhojpuri type this one is.

Watching this particular TVC for Amrutanjan Roll on, I texted a friend "Did you do the Female voice-over for THIS ad?" Her reply, "Shhh.. Please don't tell anyone!"- eee.. there I said it!

8. Nestea

The thought (addressed to mothers) - "If you want to mix in the Teenager's world, you have got to remix " and hence use Nestea remix. You got it? Then you are a genius. Didn't get head or tail of this ad. Forget the thought, who are the models? Kangaroos! Why Mamma Kangaroo, Teenager Kangaroo, Neighbor / friend Kangaroo? I am totally clueless. Adding to the weirdness is the song with its remixed version - Chanda hai tu from Aradhana. Awful stuff!

May have missed a few in both Sakka and Mokka categories. Would love to know the ones you liked / hated. Do let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Saw the Amrutanjan ad today and was shocked. Enakku romba vayasu aayiduthu :(

_rootnode said...

Love - Cardia Life
More than anything, I love the interiors and the curl in the lead lady's harido :)
Hate - Tata Docomo
Makes no sense. Why would someone leave their mobiles on? Beats me..!

naren said...

some for the mokka ads...

1. Nokia air cricket ad.
2. tata docomo. really stupid concepts.
3. elle 18 - am the bomb ad. so annoying and badly made.

some for the sakka ads...

1. Mercedes-Benz : blue efficiency darling. simple yet elegant.

Anonymous said...

don't like the good day(?) biscuit ad - the one where the mom keeps biscuits for the guests. The kid asks why do we need to and she says that they will speak good about them.

That ad looks as if, the kid is a alanchaan and never gets to eat the biscuits otherwise?

Unknown said...

you missed the "do co mo song"!!

Unknown said...

you missed the do o mo song!!!