Friday, March 22, 2013

Kollywood Kisnan - 2

Actress Siridevi tweeted two days ago about her debut as a child artiste in Kandhan Karunai

Kollywood Kisnan realized the song she tweeted featured the one and only Master Sridhar , one of the super duper chaaild artistes of Kollywood (the other super dupers being Daisy Irani, Master Sekar and Paploo a.k.a Babloo a.k.a Prithviraj). Check out the song Siridevi tweeted.

Kollywood Kisnan put a little research on Siridevi and her films on wiki which does mention Kandhan Karunai. More Ph.d level research followed on Kandhan Karunai whose credits did not have 'Baby Sridevi'

The 'Baby Selvi' mentioned in the credits is this kid in this beautiful song

In all this, Kollywood Kisnan wonders how this Siridevi ('s PR person) tweeted about Kandhan Karunai ? The nation wants to know. Any answers?

Edited to add 

Thank you Boo (check comments section). Boo says

 Is this Sridevi from 'Arupadai veedu konda' song in Kandhan Karunai?

4 Responses:

Ananya Mahadevan said...

Ha ha.. This clearly shows that it is a Fake Id and not Sridevi herself! :D

யாரோ said...

நடிக்காத படம் ஒன்றில் நடித்ததாக கூற வேண்டிய அவசியம் ஸ்ரீதேவிக்கு இருப்பதாக தோன்றவில்லை ...ஏன் இந்த குழப்பம் என புரியவில்லை....ப்லோகேஸ்வரியின் திரை அறிவு திறனுக்கு இன்னொரு சான்று !

B o o said...

I think Sridevi has a blink and you miss scene at the "Arupadai veedu konda thirumuruga" song. In the Palaniaandi kolam. Check it out. That she played Murugan in "Agathiyar" and "Thunaivan" is the reason for all the confusions of India, me thinks! :) Also, she has played Murugan in Aadhiparaasakthi, as well which is not even mentioned in her filmography!!

Subha said...

Hi Blogeswari...I just want to know the name of the boy who has acted in Rajni's movie Ranuva Veeran...