Monday, March 25, 2013

Kollywood Kisnan - 3

You know our Nadigar T Sivaji Saar is the God of nadipps no? We've heard from our Malarum Ninaivugal days on how 7 am shooting means he'd be there at 6.30 am sharp with makeup and costume. Also how he'd never step out of the shooting floor even when he is not part of a particular shot and that he would get out of the floor only during lunch / tea breaks.

Nadigar T is also known to know not just his dialogues by heart, but also others which our Markandeyan Sivakumar Sir also follows.

But this one particular scene caught Kollywood Kisnan's eye. In Kandhan Karunai, based on Lord Muruga, Markandeyan Sivakumar Sir who plays the title role plays a second fiddle to Veera Vaahu played by our own Chevalier Nadigar T. Here, in the scene below Nadigar T lists out the varadatchanai Devayani should bring when she gets married to Murugar. (01:44 onwards). It's obvious he's reading out from the paper in front of him. You can see a similar reading from paper in this song from Bale Pandiya (02:58 onwards) which is full of swaram. In this Kandhan Karunai scene wonder if director APN Anna forgot to send that particular page of the dialaak paper to Annai illam the previous evening 'coz when the sequence continues with Nadigar T talking about Murugar it is all properly magg adichyfed.

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