Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kollywood Kisnan - 5

People inherit looks,nalla pazhakka vazhakkam from parents. Kisnan has inherited the miga nalla pazhakkam of watching background dancers in dance sequences in Kollywood, from Amma who has this good habit of saying "ayyo paavam these dancers". Several gems have been unearthed watching these background dancers. One such is 'Thennagathu Madonna' , namma C.I.D Sagundala. You can spot her as a background dancer in a lot of song sequences in Black & white Tamizh films. 

Kollywood Kisnan was anyway planning to write a post on the greatness of C.I.D Sagundala as a background dancer when he spotted a lesser known (as a ) background dancer in a very popular song.  Kollywood Kisnan must've seen this song a million times on Oliyum Oliyum ...

...but not once did he associate this lead dancer's face with a famous character actor. May be because Kollywood Kisnan got very emotional whenever he saw Nadigar T saying "Ammbbaaa Manjal Kungumathoda nee neeeedooodi vazhanum..." and overwhelmed with the "kekekekeke" laughter of the dancers, he missed this noticing this.

The lead dancer of this song.. 

is the Late Sukumari who passed away recently. This information is thanks to Markandayen Sivakumar Saar who also mentions she is the first cousin of Travancore sisters Lalitha-Padmini-Ragini.

Sukumar married the director of 'Paasa malar' and other 'Pa' varisai movies, Bhim Singh.

3 Responses:

Ganga said...

First cousin?? No wonder she resembles Padmini a bit. For a minute I was wondering whether the name would be revealed as Padmini.

Sukumari was a versatile actress. Poor lady died cause of a fire accident. RIP

By the way you have Good EYES!!

Karthik Sriram said...

Saaar, neenga engeyo poiteenga Saar.

harimohan said...

Shobana is padmini and sukumaris niece