Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Kollywood Kisnan - 4

Kollywood Kisnan should rechristen himself 'Chaild Aartiste' tracker since he loves to track all the Koyanda natchatrams of Kollywood.

Adu ennavo terila enna maayamo terila all Koyanda natchatrams in Kollywood seem to have made multiple appearances in a million Murugan movies. May be because Lord Murugan is a Koyanda natchatram himself.

In one of the several rerepeats of one Murugan movie on Murasu TV, Kollywood Kisnan spotted Master Sridhar as a Teenage Murugan uttering the same 'Om enum taaraga mandiram...' type dialaak in the same Tuesday DD drama type style.

In the same movie was yet another Koyanda natchatram - one cute looking boy who looked very very familiar. Kisnan put research and found it was Master Raghu. The Ph.d level research showed Master Raghu...

.. is none other than actor Karan who has been making a come back even before his debut in Nammavar. Once a year he puts mega hard work , chooses right script and acts in a movie like Kokki, Karuppasami Kutthagaidaarar, Thee nagar, which bombs at the box office. Paavam. He had a release even last week. It was a movie called Kandha which one got to know after reading a review in a Tamil magazine.

Sometimes you wish such actors had remained Koyanda Natchatrams only. edukku valarndu kashtappad(uth)anum ipdi?

4 Responses:

Kaarthik said...

Nice research. If I'm not wrong Actor Karan's debut is Annamalai as Sarath Babu's son.

-Kaarthik Arul

Kaarthik said...

Nice research. Actor Karan made debut as an adult in Annamalai as Sarath Babu's son. But he had a pivotal role in Nammavar.

Meera said...

Yabba semma research than ponga! Claps :-)

Ananya Mahadevan said...

another very imbaartand koyandha natchathram missed in this thread is mantra! :D super good reasearch, cant thank you enough for the awesome eye opening infarmaesan!