Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Kalyana Parisu Sarees

The lady who cooks came home for Thamboolam (Haldi-Kumkum) and said "It's a good omen and whatever happens henceforth will be good" , in Hindi. I didn't quite get her. She pointed out to the Saree I was wearing and repeated the same, adding that it was torn at several places. And so it was a good omen. 🤔

Yesterday, being Day 1 of Navarathri in 2022, i wanted to wear a comfortable, well-worn Saree. Don’t know if it’s my mom’s or perimma’s, this one in the picture must be easily be 30+ years old . Could be 40 as well. I tried wearing it today for about an hour but since it had a lot of wear and 'tear' literally, didn’t want to damage further. So this went back to the cupboard after being air dried for a few hours.

Back to this one - What a beautiful, simple saree this is no? Reminds of me of the inside of Naaval Pazham and the border, strong Kaapi Podi. I just loathe any dress or fabric that is "Jaga Jaga" Jaganmohini but even the simplest of sarees these days is slight "Jaga Jaga" compared to 'Andha Haalathula'. I worry for the day when such "pre loved" sarees will be branded antique and sold on instagramam for koLLai. Actually wait - I might just join the koLLai bandwagon to sell my "antiques".

PS - Btw what is "pre loved"? Call it old saree or 'second hand' Saree. Pre-Loved is seems. What is this? Some 'Kalyana Parisu' hero-heroine who were "pre-loved" before they got married to others?

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