Sunday, October 09, 2022

Raga Sisters

Here's attempt in making a clay doll. Wanted to make ‘RaGa’ a.k.a Ranjani-Gayatri bommais featuring dolls with contrast pallu sarees. Chose Purple and Green and used the contrast in their blouses.

It was sheer coincidence that when I had completed painting and opened Instagram, saw ‘RaGa’ Sisters post the same colour sarees that was used to paint the bommais’ sarees.

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Harini's Paatti - I met her last in October 2019, if I remember right. Maama (her husband) had passed away, her son and family had moved to UK. She was living alone in Mumbai. Have been trying to contact her with her mobile number and it seems to be switched off. 

Bommaigalil Oru Blooper

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