Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mumbai ka maal

Mumbai is a city where you get some ultimate cool stuff for 5-1o Rupees. Interesting Toys, cosmetics, utility items, utensils, stationery, books sold at platforms, trains reminds me of Mylapore Arubathumoovar festival when I used to go and buy interesting items.

One such item that a colleague purchased today from a vendor in the local train was a toy helicopter. The helicopter comes with a stand and a string attached to the stand. Once you pull the string, the copter flies up beautifully. What fascinated me most was its price... Rs.10/- only...and if you are a good bargainer Rs.5/= only...

Butterfly clips, magic slate, ear studs.... Watch this space for more cool maals!

2 Responses:

Gayatri said...

is it better than our ranganathan street platform shopping??

Artnavy said...

pl get me some of this stuff

i really miss it here in chennai