Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Saappaturaami -4

I am not a great fan of Northie food especially in restaurants. But Dum Pukht's (ITC Grand Maratha, Andheri east) Dal Bukhara is something that you can die for. Better aaf and I were there last week to celebrate the annual 'Big boss' letter'. The moment you are in, arrives a plate of sliced onions and green chutneys which you can have all day long.

There are few options for vegetarians (as always), so its always Dal Bukhara, mixed kababs and roti /naans for us. The butter naan was out of the world oozing with butter. Mixed kababs is a platter with potatoes, capsicum, cauliflower, panneer (which we avoided) and onions. We were so full at the end of our meal that I had to avoid desserts (cha!).

The Dum Pukht interiors aren't all that great nor is the seating any comfortable. But you get the best Dal in town! yummmm!I want to have lunch now.... for breakfast!

A meal for two costs well, why bother? Go there only if you can bill your company for it or if your boss decides to pay!

Saappaturaami rating: 4.5 out of 5

Coming soon... Saappaturaami 5 ->It's all about the three musketeers.

5 Responses:

Gayatri said...

Bah, does it mean I have to go to Bombay!

ambi said...

//if your boss decides to pay!

aaama, apdiye kuduthuttaalum? (read in kanthimathi style) :)

//does it mean I have to go to Bombay!

@gayatri, not like that, B'wari akka will parcel for us. we can pay it by EMI option. :p

Vineet Rajan said...

my favourite topic: food! love the food on the plate! do u get any discount for reviewing them? :)

Anonymous said...

the food there sounds delicious. i'll definitely try it out next time i'm in mumbai

ILA (a) இளா said...

ippotahikku YES MADAM..