Saturday, June 06, 2009

Aanandam.. Peraanandam

Is this the season of sogams or am I the only one seeing people worrying / sulking all the time?

No boyfriend / girl friend - Sulk.. ok understandable. Have a boyfriend ? Sulk again ..."he was flirting with that girl... bohooo".

Don't have a job ? Sulk.. ok agreed. Have a job? Sulk again 'coz you don't get along with X, Y and Z in office!

Ofcourse all of us have our share of problems but oflate sulking and cribbing have become reasons to seek attention - more importantly the 'boyfriend / girlfriend problem' varieties who beg for your shoulders to cry on.

In such times, why don't they make an attempt to be happy? There are some (well, a lot of) people who follow an exact pattern of conversation . " are you? know, am down... you know this job... this colleague... my boyfriend.. sulk sulk and sulk!"

I try and put a NO-ENTRY board to such perennial cribbers. It is not possible for anyone to be happy and enthu 24*7 but 'always azhugai' is simply not ok.

The following list goes out to them. Try and find the Aanandam in your lives... You will find a little Peraanandam hiding inside.

Aanandam is... when you are vetti-ing in office

Peraanandam is... when you think of the fact that you get paid for Facebook-ing and twitter-ing!

Aanandam ... an ARR album release

Peraanandam .. when it is in Tamizh

Aanandam .. you move into your new illam

Peraanandam... you realize that the cell phone connectivity is poor there (good excuse to avoid calls from you-know-where)

Aanandam...a call from a friend

Peraanandam... ulagamagaa gossip with her - about Hansika Motwani (who? what??? Google I say!)

Aanandam... a surprise gift from a friend

Peraanandam...when you you make full use of it

Aanandam... a swim in the pool

Peraanandam... you realise you are the Queen swimmer in the pool of katthu-kutti Auntyjis and unclejis

Aanandam... spicy rasam, rice and urulai roast by the purushan on Sundays

Peraanandam... when he cleans the kitchen after cooking

Aanandam ...waiting for the monsoons

Peraanandam ... the thought of onion pakodas and tea during rains

Off I go to eat my pakodas....

13 Responses:

Anonymous said...

anandam: reading blogeswari's blog
peranandam: if only she would do my tag :( please...

Maddy said...

Aanandam is... when you are vetti-ing in office

Peraanandam is... when you think of the fact that you get paid for reading this Blogeswari ammal blog!!!

Nalla velai!!!! Naan type adikarathai ennoda boss paarkalai

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Blogeswari


Lavanya said...

arpudam arpudam

SoulSpace said...

Good job Bubbs...need this. I could very well become the cronic cribber that you detest!!..

WA said...

Happy 21st blogeswari. Hope you get loads presents resulting in peranaandam.

Artnavy said...

fantastic list.
life is finding delight in the smaller moments!!

now how about more regular posts from u

Artnavy said...

happy birthday- just read at ammanis

Maddy said...

Porantha naal vazhthukkal Blogeswari Ammani

Blogeswari said...

Nandri friends.

Ummon - Will do
Maddy - Welcome to the vetti-aabesars' club
Chandra - my school friend chandra-va?
Storyteller - No way! Not you!
CC- Thanks
WA - Yes I did. Loads of surprises, including a post on akka's blog
Art - Yes, now that the movie strike is over .. will try and put some reviews online

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! :)

Karthik Sriram said...

Did you get my present consisting of two tickets to Newark, NJ via Frankfurt, Ger?

Boston Bala said...