Sunday, June 07, 2009

Ummon's Virudu

Ummon's tag has pending for quite sometime.

I am supposed to pick a blog that really impressed me, but it can't be someone I know. Not even virtually. It has to be a blog you stumbled upon or walked into through links. It can't be a blogger I have built an online relationship with.

And the award goes to Mumbai Magic... the family of three bloggers - Janaki ma'am, her daughter Deepa and grand daughter Aishwarya.

I soo... relate to their blog everytime I read their posts. The food posts appadiye take me to Madras. The Amchi Mumbai posts remind me of the good ol' shooting days of prop hunting, costume shopping and so on...

I have never met this family nor have I interacted with them but I am gonna invite myself over to their place one of these days to have maami's Vadams.

This 3 Generation blog has made it to Nat Geo's Mumbai destination guide. Congratulations !

I am tagging Ammani, Bhaamini, Deepz, Art Navy, Boo , UK , Hastobeme , AJ and the winner of the award to do the same.

PS : UK, Deepz and Hastobeme - WAKE UP!

4 Responses:

Anonymous said...

mikka nanri. have updated the list. truly interesting blog.

WA said...

Great choice, great blog

Karthik Sriram said...

Yappy Birathdaayy!

B o o said...

Will take up the tag soon. Wishing you a very happy Birthday! :)