Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cho...chweet 2

Surprise gifts, surprise parties, surprise treats - Who doesn't like surprises?

Kheer Kadam is a surprise sweet. This is how it looks.

Looks like Rava laddu, doesn't it?

You just chew into the laddu and surprise! you land up at the 'Tirattuppaal'-ish centre whose taste is yummier than the outer layer.

Here are some better pictures of the sweet.

Kheer kadam at Sweet Bengal - Rs. 12/= per piece.

Taxi charges to Sweet Bengal and back - Rs. 60/=

Watching a loved one's reaction as they bite into a Kheer Kadam - priceless.

Cho...chweet 1 is here

5 Responses:

Anonymous said...

ppppppppoooooooodddddddiiiiii. don't do this. middle of the night, and i can only think of this sweet.

WA said...

Idhellam yaaraachum kettomaa enna? No more foodie post pls

S said...

OMG!!! Slurp...sounds sooooo delicious. Plz to parcel it for me on ur next trip 2 Chennai!!

Kaarthik said...

"Kheer kadam" is my most favourite sweet. I was introduced to it by my frind Amit in Kolkata. The original Kheer kadams ('Kheer kodom'in Bengali) have worms like milk sweets on them. I didnt like its appearance first. But on tasting it, I thanked Amit a lottt. B4 that my top fav sweets were Roshogolla and Roshomoloi. The wonderful thing is it's outer covering is like a milk sweet and inner portion is juicy like Roshogolla.

P.S. Kheer kamdams cost Rs.4 per pc in Kolkata

Anonymous said...

idhu romba aniyaayum - nadu raathiri-le naan enge poi kheer kadam kandu piddipaen? ayyyyoooooo