Monday, August 20, 2007

Cricket Coach: 'Ad'ded

The Pakistan Cricket board had advertised for a new coach on their Indian daily invited applications for a new cricket coach and had asked a few reputed agencies to come up with a good press ad. Here's two of Mumbai mirror's shortlist.

-> Agency : LOWE ; Team: Samrat Dasgupta, Jaywant Dhabolkar
"No comments "- BCCI is looking for yet another coach to mouth these magic words.

Team: Josy Paul, Steven Mathias, Priya Pardiwalla.

"BCCI is looking for a coach with attached toilet"

At BCCI we are fed up of hiring coaches who let us down or fight with the captain...... The coach will have a permanent sticker at the door saying
'Please leave your egos and chappels outside'.

5 Responses:

ambi said...

//BCCI is looking for a coach with attached toilet"

ROTFL :) thanks for sharing.

Karthik Sriram said...

Cha - no acknowledgements!! :(

anyways they were funny!


Usha said...

hehe - tho rendavadu konjam puriyalai - why attached toilet?

Anonymous said...

With half the players going in to ICL, the coach will soon be bored, and the performance of the team in Australia may induce him to get addicted to the attached toilet!
LOL, romba funny post! Found you from one of the common blogs.

kabi said...

stopped by to say hi. visited both blogs. do you use internet exploror? my firefox doesnt show your script, just ?????, i wouldnt be able to read it anyway as i dont know any south indian language. your blog is fun
all the best, kabi