Tuesday, August 21, 2007

விளம்பர விளையாட்டு 20

# 10 points to be won
# Email answers to blogeswari[at]gmail[dot]com
# One attempt per person. Only one guess allowed

1. Picture grid:
Identify the ads, starting Row1 L to R. Every correct answer carries one point.

2. Identify the commercial:

A song from the film Veera Abhimanyu in Sahana ragam, now on a television commercial. Identify the product. The correct answer carries one point.

3. Actors on ads :

Apart from Pepsi, name any three products that both actors Suriya and Shahrukh Khan endorse. Every correct answer carries one point each (maximum 3 correct answers accepted)
Answers for விளம்பர விளையாட்டு 19
1. Picture grid
Row 1 : Surf, Complan, Musst Bites
2nd : Lifebuoy, TVS Starcity, Himani navarathna thailam
3rd: Huggies, Vicks Asli Honey, MTR

2. Fast track from Titan :"How many how many how many..."

Results: It is a tie again!
Ambi and Manikandan-9 out of 10 - Congratulations!
Umayal thiyagarajan- 8 ;
Hamsika- 7; The Visitor- 3

12 Responses:

Anonymous said...

This time quiz is more intresting.
will try out that sahana raagam. ethavathu clue kuduthu irukalaam. anyway, it's fine.

cha* musstti bytesnu solli irukanum. just miss. paravayilla, :p

Anonymous said...

The quiz seems to be good! Will try when free.....

Karthik Sriram said...

As usual no access to Indian channels _ i have listened to the Sahana ad though and I dont wish to put the answer as I got it from some blog wonly....


DC said...

hey.. first time here.. saw the fun quiz - a very innovative thing to do.. btw, i do know some of the answers.. but how does it work? are we supposed to write it in comments here? I guessed that would be a spoiler.. so, where do I post?
the connectivity is very slow.. otw, i could dig up old posts to see how it works..

Blogeswari said...

DC: email your answers. I have mentioned this in my post.


MyFriend said...

அடுக்குமா இது? எந்த ஊரு விளம்பரம்ங்க இது? எப்படிங்க நான் கெஸ் பண்றது?? ஒழுங்க 100 பாய்ண்ட் எனக்கு அனுப்பி வச்சிடுங்க.. ஏன்னா போட்டி நடத்துனவங்க தவறு இது. :-)

moneykandaan said...

vazhakambol intha muraiyum kalakal quiz.

Anonymous said...

nice one...

Karthik Sriram said...

Answers, anyone?


ambi said...

@LKS, answers ellam already anupiyaachu. akka thaan amukki vechundu release panna maatengraanga. :)

(he hee, nee 2 comments pottiyaa, enakkum kai thuru thurunu irunthathu, adhaan. ippo rendu perukkum thittu vizhum paaru! LOL)

Ahiri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ahiri said...

akka indha channelukku kaadhu kudungal


ammani friendu