Tuesday, September 04, 2007

'Aag' and Advertising

RGV ki Aag and Advertising have a great similarity. The former is, I am told a pathetic remake of the cult film Sholay. Whenever the advertising brains run out of ideas, they quickly scribble a few dialogues from Sholay and come up with a script which only they can appreciate. So in that sense a lot of ads, too are Sholay copycats.

From Sanitary Napkin to a Steel plant anything and everything is advertised with a Sholay dialogue... and mostly these are radio spots where the poor client with a limited budget happily gives a go-ahead for a Sholay-ed radio spot presented by the agency 'french beards'.

The most popular ones are on Gabbar Singh who will probably say "Areey Oh Samba, kitne toffees they" and his henchman "Do". Gabbar says " Aur ek dalo.. XYZ toffee.. do ke saath abhi ek muft". Let me admit, even I have been a part of the production of such 'award winning' scripts, but I often wonder how clients are so gullible in approving such pathetic stuff. But with such scripts over flooding the market, guess who is most happy? The voice-overs artistes! The Gabbar, Thakur, Dharmendra imitators are hugely in demand and they charge anywhere between 10-15,000 per radio spot. I once did some radio commercial where there was an old lady voice artiste uttering some Sholay dialogue and I was told that she was a hugely popular character in Sholay. So, if you think you can do a "Basanteeeee... Un kuttonke saamne math naachnaa!" in Dharmendra's voice, or "Chod dho Mujhee" in Hema malini's voice, it is time to do PR with an agency 'aatu daadi'. Good luck!

Meanwhile, here I am, waiting for that one.. any one friend to accompany me to watch the classic RGV ki Aag. If I get the baaghyam of watching the padam, will post review soon.

3 Responses:

ambi said...


inga thamizh Ads mattum enna vaazhuthaam? starting from vasanth & co to some jatti Ads, pera kettale adhiruthullaa punch dialogue thaan! :))) LOL

*ahem, Quij rejults enga? :)
naan ethanaavathu commentu?nu solla maatten. :p

Sudha said...

Unmai than .Anda dialogue namakku kana padama vandu vidum.

Karthik Sriram said...

Heard the movie is too crappy beyond words - saw the reviews in cnn-ibn from people who saw it... paavam! dont take the risk.