Saturday, December 27, 2008


Who doesn't like receiving gifts? Last year's 'Secret Santa' in office was fun 'coz it was just within our team. T gave me a whole lot of goodies and I just couldn't guess who my Secret Santa was till the end. Arj was my Secret Banta (!) and most of my gifts to her were toffees, Mc Donalds' big meal , chips - things that are very Saappatturaami.

This year, despite protests from ardent gift (receiving) lovers like me, the Secret Santa was made public... junta public i.e. office crowd including boring departments like finance, IT that has people who we refer as ext. 613, ext. 579 were made (forced to be) a part of this year's Secret Santa.

There was great excitement in office about Secret Santa particularly in our department . Some 20 of us who are oreda shopaholics including yours truly were looking forward to receiving gifts.

Boss and I were amongst those who didn't receive any gifts for four whole days...With boss' official permission to do an official reply-all, my spams continued to everyone - mails threatened people that they'd end up getting a Ghajini mottai incase the gifts didn't arrive on my desk.. I even informed (on reply-alls ofcourse) that I'd be away for client meetings and my Secret Santa can leave his/her giftS on the desk blah blah... No luck! But boss was lucky! She received her share of gifts the following day.. My wait continued...My alpa eccha-kaiyala-kaakha-ottadha Santa was never to be found... and the rest of the gift-less Bantas in office continued reply-all ing to my reply-all! I was loving the replya-alls ... it felt good to know that I was not alone!

I was S' Secret Santa and bought her quite a few stuff and was glad she liked everything including the paper jewellery and glass earrings.

In the last one week, everytime someone would receive a gift and get up from their desk acting like a kid to say "I have got a gift!" the entire office resembled a nursery school with people crowding his/her around to see what she/he received.

Some of the gifts that my fellow colleagues received: Candles, books, bouquets, Kingfisher pints, Naatu sarakku, Semi-nude poster of a girl, keychains, kurtas, Telugu DVD (for Superboss who is from Golt land), chappal (huh?), wallet...

Finally...My number came off on Wednesday! I had four gifts waiting at 9 am sharp when I reached office! Was thrilled! The whole office applauded - freedom from my reply-alls for them.. Finally!

My dear friend Arj told me she knew who my Secret Santa was - gave me some hints to say that he was a paavam from some boring department (IT, finance types) and came to her to seek her 'advice' on what I liked. I said "Sony experia" with an alpam thought that he may want to get what I wished for.

And here's what I got from my Secret Santa: Ear rings, chain, bangles, handbook (from handmade paper), chaat, chocolates, colorful pen.. I was super thrilled! Again a reply-all with a "Thank you Santa" !

In the meantime, some people were still disappointed 'coz they couldn't participate in the excitement since a whole lot of kanja-pisanaris never bothered to buy anything. SC is one of the nicest girls in office and it was sad to see her disappointed. Managed to buy a kurta from Fab India for SC. Boss too bought some stuff for people who never received gifts. The entire office was shopping in the nearby mall when I reached there. Did someone say recession?

Friday was revealer day when the Secret Santas were revealed. I was very eager to know who my Secret Santa was . Missed the revealer session since I am in Madras now. Was speaking to Arj this evening on the phone and asked her to tell me who my Secret Santa was so that I could call and thank him.

Arj mentioned that it was she who had bought all my gifts though she was not my Secret Santa."But why?", I asked her. She told me that she was sad to see me disappointed and I was maha touched. Not just for me. Pal ended up buying for boss, N and quite a few others. I thought it was a lovely gesture.

Thank you Arj! May you win the Cannes some day! (I can hear you say "I don't want Cannes... all I want is Cash!)

2008 has truly been a year of gifts for me- a foot massager, bose personal stereo, a surprise holiday, Canon camera, mobile - some I spent for , lots hujband spent for, super lots we spent for (our new home) ! May the trend continue next year too!

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Lavanya said...

Romba sweet, and yea, the whole secret santa thing can be spoiled because of some kanjoosis! And hey, I'm a finance perosn (in the near future atleast) and SOME of us arent avlo boring :P

Anonymous said...


SoulSpace said...

Santa and Banta good times, enjoy maadi!

Anonymous said...

How sweet the office pple are!

And i could realise how much U could've tortured those innocent creatures. :))

*ahem, naan kooda gift receive panna readyaa irukken. :))

Shivani said...

What a beautiful way to make ppl happy! Very nice read.. :)

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Wish I worked in such a fun office!

Anonymous said...

Did some one miss the news about recession !! :) that was a nice post!

Neverthless I dont want a repeat of 2008 AT ALL !!

PinKuripu : Naan bloguku pudusupa :D