Sunday, December 14, 2008


Was reading this week's Ananda vigadan. Sabalist Madhan's Kelvi-badhil is usually on my 'banned' list. If I wanted to read something like that, I'd rather buy an yellow book-u.

But his cartoons are top class. This week, one of the readers wanted to know how to draw an
Obama cartoon. Madhan started with an exclamation mark and completed it with an Obama.

I dutifully ctrl-ved from Ananda vigadan (not traced ).

What did Michelle sing for her husband during their kaadal days?

I can already see Kadi mannargal and mannigal asking why not "Mama mama mama... O-bama baama baama" ?

Enakke taangala!

Meanwhile, enjoy these two posts . Have a fun-filled week ahead!

2 Responses:

.:dYNo:. said...

>>>>Sabalist Madhan's

Why Sabalist? Pointers?

Anonymous said...

hi blogeswari.. lovely blog you are having over here.. :)

would love to come back as often as I can.