Saturday, July 03, 2010

ADra Sakka - 3

Did you know that 'Pasanga' director Pandi chose Vimal as his hero after the latter showed his Bingo ad to him?

and R Madhavan got introduced to Maniratnam through Santosh Sivan after they (S and M) did a Pond's sandal talc ad together?

TV serials, game shows, feature films, advertising films, documentaries, music videos, tamizh copywriting, radio spots, brand solutions... After having menjufyed for 15 years in all of the above, if there's something that I'd want to go back to and sorely miss, it is working in advertising films.

It is indeed an experience to be a part of the transformation of a boring storyboard into an advertisement film. Casting for advertising films is not an easy task and you get a super kick when you see the final edit of the film with the person you have cast. Detailing plays a very important role in advertising films - right from the tiniest prop to the lighting pattern to the colors - everything has to be pucca before 'action'

Here are some of my favourite films from Jan to June 2010.

1. Indigo Airlines

Clever ad. On time is a wonderful thing is what the ad says. Not once do they say Indigo is on time. I loved the art direction and the production values are awesome. A lot of people find the accent of the voice-over (Monica Dogra) very phirang. I think its fine.

Production company: Bang Bang Films
Director: Harvey B Brown
Director of photography: Vikash Nowlakha

2. Limca

R Anandh's composition and Carolisa's rendition take the jingle to a different level. There's a thin line between the Oh-cho-chweet and the just-there-cute ads. Thankfully this one does not go over the top and become an 'awwwwwwwww' ad.

Director - Vinyl Mathew
Production house - Footcandles

3. Tanishq

Ok ok, I agree with your "How stupid? How can jewellery make a woman want to marry? That too in these days?" but doesn't this commercial bring a smile? Very Illayaraja type music - R Anandh again! And Arundathi Nag is wonderful as the mother with her expressions as she watches her daughter adorn the jewellery. I like.

Director - Vinyl Mathew
Production house - Footcandles

4. Frooti

Not your regular thirty seconder. This is probably the first time someone has tried a Bakra type video on a TVC. Quite different and insane.

Director: Prakash Varma
Production house : Nirvana films

5. Cadbury's silk

Simple script. Good casting (one of the girls looks like actress Shobhana). Very good jingle.

Director - Vinyl Mathew
Production house - Footcandles

6. Brookebond 3 Roses

Karthik and Sujju are back with 3 Roses, with Reeti Gowlai and with their lovely chemistry. A few things I didn't like. i) Abhinav's expression in the beginning after he has his cup of tea.
ii) Lack of continuity - his hairstyle (fringe) keeps changing on and off iii) "Mr. N. Karthik" - huh?

But overall, feel good and naaaice.

Any idea who directed the film?

Apart from the above, I have also enjoyed the LMN series (Lemon Lemon Lemon), Bru 2nd decoction (m-i-l and d-i-l), Tata Sky Plus (Cold war series) and SBI Life .

The more I see ads and write about them, the more I want to go back to advertising films and be a part of the making. I think I will... very soon.

11 Responses:

Anonymous said...

I know ! I know ! but what is the daughter's name in the Tanish ad ?

I am Varun and I live in San Jose ! :)

கா.கி said...

have u noticed?? anything with reeti gowlai will become a hit... :)

Anonymous said...

Good collection of Ads. For someone who doesnt see Indian TVs this is a good treat. :-)

-Senthil Nathan

SoulSpace said...

your pick is good...
especially like the Limca one...

Anonymous said...

good blogeswari! :-) btb where u get all this ad? :O

Pradeep T R said...

Tanishq ad was really impressive. They used the San Jose pronunciation to show that she is a knowledgeable woman. Liked that :)

anantha said...

Btw the other guy in the Bingo ad acted as one of KK's band members in Paanch. Pity that movie did not hit the theaters!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the Limca ad! Equally love the Colgate ad too. The one with the "Paas ao na..."? Sounds beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Isnt the girl in the Tanishq ad the Makdee girl??

Kaarthik said...

Hi Blogeswari, I was expecting an "ADra Sakka Blog from you after watching the Limca, Tanishq n 3 Roses ad. Late-a vandhaalum Latest-a vandhuduchu. I felt in the Limca Ad, the Limca in the girl's hand should have shown after the guy's fall from the bike. Y did u miss to mention BSNL 3G "Video Call" Ad? It's too good. It deserves a space in this post I think. Asin's Fanta ad is also OK type

Tamara said...

Lol,it`s nice...My mom like Indian movie very much!!!