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தந்தனத்தோம் என்று சொல்லியே...

"தந்தனத்தோம் என்று சொல்லியே வில்லினில் பாட... ஆமா...வில்லினில் பாட.. வந்தருள்வாய் கலைமகளே..."

If you sang the above in Thiru. Subbu Arumugam and group's chorus voice, then you'll definitely relate to this post.

This year, while it was fairly easy to explain most of my Golu Bommais including deities, art forms and Influenzas to non-Tamilians, I got stuck at Villu Paattu . I had to leave it at "It's a traditional Tamizh art form where singers use a bow and stick like this one" pointing at this bommai.

We were introduced to Villu Paattu by the Legendary Thiru. Subbu Arumugam. Accompanied by his children, Gandhi and Bharathi, Subbu Arumugam was a regular on Doordarshan in the '70s and '80s.
Stories on Murugar, Gandhi, Ramayanam, Mahabharatam were narrated in a simplified format with tunes that one could sing along. 

(pic - The Hindu)

Here's another picture from my 2004 Golu. I don't quite remember whether Amma bought these or if I had purchased these here, in Mumbai. Most likely, it's Amma.

Subbu Arumugam passed away today. Much before Karaoke became the in thing, it was Subbu Arumugam who brought the sing-along technique closer to us on our TV screens. If not the entire song, we have atleast "ஆமாம்" போட்டு-fied with Gandhi and Bharathi, haven't we?

வாழியவே பல்லாண்டு காலம், சுப்பு ஆறுமுகம் புகழ் வாழியவே...


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Harini's Paatti - I met her last in October 2019, if I remember right. Maama (her husband) had passed away, her son and family had moved to UK. She was living alone in Mumbai. Have been trying to contact her with her mobile number and it seems to be switched off. 

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