Sunday, October 09, 2022

Idhu Muthuraman Ya

When a friend Swathi Rishi, had visited the Golu in October 2022, was explaining the Influenza (Influencer) bommais to her. Each of them, to me represented one type of influenza - Be it the I-am-single-and-happy-nambunga types or the typical saree types. (Ref earlier post/s)

When it came to this particular doll of a man in glasses wearing a purple shirt and Khaki ‘doLa doLa’ pant, told her that he didn’t quite have a name yet.

“Idhu Muthuraman ya” , pat came her reply.

OMG OMG! Yes indeed, this guy resembled retro Kollywood star Muthuraman and how.
Check this pic of Muthuraman from the epic ‘Sumaithangi’ and you will know how much they resemble each other.

Idhukkudhaan I say - you need mamma Madras friends who appadiye help you with such content. Thanks Swathi for the visit and look forward to more such epic gems from you.

Will sign off with a “Sunlife… Idhu Namma life”

PS - Muthuraman was one of the first “celebrity” deaths I heard as news. Was at school when there was major commotion as Muthuraman’s final journey was going past the main road near the school. Yes, #UselessInformationNobodyNeeds


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Harini's Paatti - I met her last in October 2019, if I remember right. Maama (her husband) had passed away, her son and family had moved to UK. She was living alone in Mumbai. Have been trying to contact her with her mobile number and it seems to be switched off. 

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