Tuesday, October 11, 2022

முத்தைத் தருபத்தித் திருநகை

I was invited to this beautiful Golu this year hosted by someone who I deeply respect and admire. Loved the entire Golu display and loved one of the bommais , in particular.

The Golu Bommai narrates the story of Saint-Poet Arunagirinathar who decides to end his life jumping from the Temple tower. Lord Murugan comes to his rescue, preventing him from taking his own life. He blesses Arunagirinathar who goes on to compose Tamizh religious songs called Thiruppugazh. Take a look at this beautiful bommai featuring Arunagirinathar and Lord Murugan. 

Had written about the Iconic Thiruppugazh, 'Mutthai Tharupathiearlier in Kollywood Kisnan.

There has been a lot of discussion this year, on how Navarathri Golu is strictly for married ladies, women with kids. And that there is no place for those who are divorced or have lost their husbands. I believe Navarathri Golu is a festival to invite people across gender, marital status, class, creed , home and have a good time. It's unfortunate that people are being excluded from a celebration like this.

 I am specifically talking about this in this post because the host of this Golu featuring the Arunagirinathar bommai mentioned she doesn't live with her husband any more. She added that the house they lived in had become toxic and it exuded negative vibes. The pandemic and the lockdown made it worse for her. Thankfully she is out of it now, hosted Golu , invited everyone and was busy attending other Golus. I was quite happy hearing that there are still people in the world who do not care about being பழுத்த சுமங்கலி, பழுக்காத சுமங்கலி and all that. People like you and I reading this, who genuinely want to make it all inclusive, thankfully still exist.


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