Wednesday, July 11, 2007

விளம்பர விளையாட்டு 15

One attempt/person/day for all three questions

1. Identify the four commercials in the picture grid . Clockwise from top left, mark your answers as a,b,c,d . Each correct answer carries 1/2 point.

2. Complete the following:
_______ ______ , இணையில்லா கவரேஜ் : Airtel
Tanglish version : ________, _______ Inaiyilla coverage: Airtel

3. Listen to the jingle. Specify the brand -including the sub category. The ragam should give you a hint.


விளம்பர விளையாட்டு 14 Results.

The answers
1.Pond's age defying cream
2. Good day biscuits
3. Tanishq

Hamsi is the winner with one point. Though she got the first two answers right, I cannot award her 2 points because she got the 'Good day' right on the second attempt.But Hamsi, why didn't attempt the jingle based third question? Professional ethics a.k.a தொழில் தர்மம்? :)

7 Responses:

Me said...

3. some toilet cleaner
4. fevicol

Me said...

i tried hard...but i couldn't get the second question..could u pls provide a thanglish version

Me said...

thanks for thanglish version...

kasa panama i'll make a guess for other questions too

1.a HP?
1.c domex toilet cleaner
2. thamizhnaatin ovovuru moolaiyulum?

Unknown said...

You have a very interesting ad trivia blog. Aana satyama ennala onnu kooda kandupidika mudila :-(

ambi said...

1) ayooo! antha meesai ad can't remember
2) some chewing Gum (name maranthu pochu)
3) Fevicol
4) toilet cleaneraaa?

2) eedu inai illa coverage (airtel)

3) audio player blocked in my office. Grrr. network admin ozhiga! :)

Unknown said...

hiiii Bhuvana,

vilambara-15 ka the 2nd clipping is of PROTEX-HAPPYDENT... shaniyan baaki yeduvum teriliye....will kp trying.


Unknown said...

yennadi Raasaathi,

Vilambara-15 ka 1st meesaimama is RADIOCITY 91.1Fm....