Thursday, July 26, 2007

Advertising stereotypes

A lot of people ask me what I really do in advertising.. what my job profile is, what my working hours are, How 'creative' is my job is, if I get to meet 'celebrities' like Vijay Adhiraj etc etc. To tell you the truth, I really think I am a misfit in advertising. I don't call my colleagues "Babes", nor say "doood". I don't carry a stout English book for advertising shoots reading the same page on all three shoot days nor do I sit with the director under the huge umbrella sipping coconut water throughout the day, looking at his assistant directors running up and down only to go back to the ad agency and say "Uff... the day was bad.. it was a tiring shoot". I don't discuss Majidi Majidi's last film or my last trip to Goa or everything except the adfilm shoot, on a marathon pre-production meeting... I don't ask for 15 minute coffee /cigarette breaks every 1o minutes during 'Creative outpour' meetings.. And yes, my hair colour is not burgundy nor is my name Pooja, Payal, Bhakthi, Mukthi, Supreethika and the likes.

I really am a misfit in advertising.Now why this sudden crib session, you may ask [Even if you don't I will tell you..he he he]

Have a look at this video. On a normal dubbing session for a television commercial or a radio spot, I don't do anything that the people outside the dubbing console do in this video. And yes, you have to be one of them, do the things they did, act like them... to be in advertising..especially if you want to climb up the advertising creative ladder fast and be the hot shot Creative director everyone wants to work with... You really have to be one of them...else you are a misfit!

Advertising zindabad!

Ps: Before you come to the conclusion that this is yet another, one of those I-am-so-upset-nobody-wants-me kinda post on the blogosphere waiting for I-am-there-for-you-dont-worry type comments, stop.. stop it.. stop there. This post is meant to be a rouse post on advertising stereotypes.. that's all !

5 Responses:

Karthik Sriram said...

Good One!

Bhakthi, Mukthi?? Pesama, start writing gaana paatu for tamizh...


umm oviya said...

avangaluku saroja devi style teriyuma? thalaivara paarata teriyuma? nambala madiri dapangoothu aada teriyuma?
but i do so identify with the grouse on 'sitting on one page for three days' characters; the world is full of them.
but why have you kept it so sterile? what about what they do after pack-up? get low down and dirty 'babe'!!

Anonymous said...

//my hair colour is not burgundy nor is my name Pooja, Payal, Bhakthi, Mukthi, Supreethika and the likes.

ROTFL :) viboothi, include this name also.
and Jameela, jassica, Julee U can include these names also. wat say LKS..? :p

oree peelingsaaa peerittu vanthu irukku polirukke! :)))
will watch out the video tdy.

Usha said...

It is so much hard work and here we dismiss it in 30 secs as good, bad or ugly! But I guess that goes far any media related work - makes you too in just 30 secs. Interesting peep behind the camera for the likes of us who have no idea what goes on there.

Unknown said...

Yennadi Visalakshee,
BRILLIANT!! Hats off to you for speaking ur mind...i love u for who u r and WHO CARES for these Half-Baked Cookies anyways...ur portrayel of these so-called one page book-readers is Truely NOVEL....hahaaa.. and the ones sipping Nariyal pani's and sorinjing cant go beyond that..I thot that Santa wud hv an attack and was a miracle that he survived ....

Grt goin da,