Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vande mataram: Venu gaanam

Shashank, the magical flautist has sung Vande mataram through his flute. This video was filmed in Gandhi Mandapam, Adyar, Chennai in 1997.

Well, if you think the flute captures the essence of Desh ragam at its best, wait for the next video. Is it going to be Vande mataram on Veena? No. On the violin, may be? No.. Is it Sitar, Sarangi, santoor, shehnai, saxaphone...? No. No. No... Wait for a week...

3 Responses:

Karthik Sriram said...

Flute is one of the sweetest instruments - the music is so soothing. Here its desh, but even Vakra raaga songs sound amazing in flute.....

Karthik Sriram said...

Sorry for the repeated spamming, but I've once heard the Vande Mataram being played on Jalatrang - U have any ideas where I can get the audio/video file?

ambi said...

Technically me the shecondu! :p
once, shashank - wonderful artist came to my prev company and had a show. OMG! it's really wonderful.

naan oothina verum kaathu theeng varuthu (read as revathi did in Devar magan).

thanx for sharing and we can't wait for a week. :)

is it by bul-bul thaaraa..? :)

@karthik, naisaa rendu commentu pottu shorry sonnaa yekka mannichuduvaangala? :)

@blog'wari, ippo panthu unga neethimandrathula irukku. (he hee, ball is in your court!nu solli irukken).