Monday, July 09, 2007

Vande mataram: Sudharani Raghupathy

Padmashri.Sudharani Raghupathy's expression of Vande mataram. Filmed in June 1997 at the YMCA grounds, Nandanam, Chennai. Unusually, it rained on that particular day and that has added a special touch to this film. Mrs. Sudharani Raghupathy choreographed this piece and the students of her dance school Shree Bharatalaya join her in this rendition.

Produced by : Bharatbala Productions
Directed by : The team of directors for Vande mataram short films
Director of Photography: P.S.Vinod

Coming soon: Four singers for Vande mataram

6 Responses:

Anonymous said...

As U said, the rain water has given spl effects indeed. :)

saw rest of the posts too. weekendla post pottu enakku first prize kidaikaama seythathai naan vanmaiyaaga kandikiren. :)

Anonymous said...

he hee, intha postla me only pashtu! adhukaavathu ethavathu meteruku mela pottu kudunga ejamaan! :p

(again second comment, ithu epdi irukku?)

Anonymous said...

andha jingle Ad vanthu manthra sweets thaane? :)

(he hee, if possible pls put that clippings also, i admire that Ad model, enna latchanamaana mugam)

Unknown said...

Hi Diiiii,

firstly let me tell u that ur photo is mahaaaaaaa cute..... And Yes...the Vande Mataram film is so picturesque....the rains have given it a beautiful color...and of course the bhaavams are adding to the entire mood....loving it.


Karthik Sriram said...

That looks like some place in Gods Own COuntry, Kerala and was mildly surprised when it turned out to be YMCA in chennai!

Unknown said...

Can you send me this video ovandemaataram ..i am given to understand that this is removed on you tube due to hub some rights issue. Please mail me on