Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dastkari Haat Samiti

Dastkari Haat Samiti is an NGO that works with craftspersons from around India in showcasing their work. Their exhibition featuring various handicrafts and dress material is on at Seven days art gallery, opposite National College Bandra til lthe 14th of October 2008. Today was the first day and I managed to pick quite a few interesting stuff for next year's (!) Golu.

A collage of stuff that I bought - Handpainted car, kavad shrines*, a jolna bag , box from karaikudi (don't miss 'Meenatchi' written inside the box-that's the name of the lady who made this ), and those that I wanted to buy but didnt (couldn't!) - painted trunks, wall hangings and the entire kavad* collection - cute illa?
* Kavad, a box like structure with multiple doors and stories of Krishna, Meera, Rama, Ganesha painted in every door. Here's  artnavy's post of Kavad and an article on the same that appeared in THE HINDU

Ahaa.. handwoven stoles, duppattas from Bengal.

The one above was a beautiful piece but pssst...couldn't afford it. Here's the stole that I finally bought. Take a closer look of the dhols, violins, harmoinums, saxaphones, tablas etc.

Managed to do a quick link with the station from the venue and connected our jock with Dastkari's CEO Mrs. Jaya Jaitley who explained the various crafts items on display.

With all these cuties, now am all set to decorate our new home ;-)

5 Responses:

Artnavy said...

u found pre painted trunks?? - waaaannnnh

i think i would love going
shopping with you

i love the kavad and have one too

Meera said...

hey, super pretty stuff. Those are hand painted raw silk dupattas? wow!

Anya Padyam said...

Wow! those look so grand! And beautiful!

thanks for sharing the pictures:)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the wonderful post. But need a favor (hope i am not asking for a lot)i am directionally challenged, could u help me with the address.

Blogeswari said...

Take the lane right opposite National College - Seven arts gallery is opposite Patwardhan park.

The exhibition is on till the 14th