Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eight packs paraak paraak paraak...

Time to say ''pack up'' to all six packers. Aamir's Eight packs is the talk of the town. The trailer of the much awaited Ghajni was released yesterday. Apart from Aamir, Ghajni is powerpacked with the Kollywood killadi team - directed by A R Murugadoss, cinematography - Ravi K Chandran, music - A R Rahman.

(Bolywood bandha cases - The Saaruk group + jingchak farah khan, Salmaan khan + 2 vetti brothers, ayyo karan jogar group + saaruk + manish malgotra + some punju gujjy fellas and Flop chopra group - please to odhungufy... the Kollywood killadis are here!)

Eight packs paraaak paraak paraaak!

3 Responses:

Karthik Sriram said...

1. I really do not know why Ghajini requires a six or a eight pack abs plus body.

2. All this wannabe fitness fanatics are nowhere close to Hrithik Roshan. :)

3. ARR music sounds more classy than Harris Jayaraj's in tamizh.

Artnavy said...

kollywood heroines always ruled the hindi movies- now they r a little rare

i loved the promo with john abraham in some new gay hindi movie( and he is south indian too is he not?)

contrats to u and ur team

ammani said...

When it's a stupid rip-off, what does it matter who does it better?