Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tele-vetti 2

Wow! I would like to thank each one of you who made tele-vetti 1 a big success. Special mention to my family - ammani , gayathri, guevera and kalthoon tilakji . Naama oru kalai-kudumbam-ngrada ulagukku prove pannitom. I would also like to thank Chinnathirai kalaignargal for their thought provoking acts in megaaaaaa serials.

Now for the results:

  • Actor, model and dupping artiste Manikandan wins! 9 /9.
  • Gayathri - 8/9
  • Ila - 6/9
  • Ammani - 2/9 (c'mon , I expected a better score from you)
The answers:

1.Tinku (a) Trilok - Vijay TV's Jodi No. 1 winner who signs his autographs as 'Master Tinku'... even now. How cute eh?

2. Anupama - She sang 'Konjam nilavu' for ARR centuries ago and continues to sing that one and only song.

3. Metti Oli Shanti also called as Snake Shanti

4. Chetan the great - Thinks he is kamalagaasan... thinks! (nenapudan pozhapa kedukum)

5. Azhagu (ex fight master) - You can get a fleeting glimpse of him in almost all 1980-90 Kamal / Rajni fight scenes - This is a special entry only for my brother. Thank you guevera. You are my inspiration for such entries

6. Manager Cheena - S Ve Shekhar drama troupe permanent entry

7. Poovilangu Kuyili - of 'Nila adhu vaanathu mela' fame - yet another item number who acts as a Mylapore maami in a madisar with 'yendddi , vangoonna, settha vaadi ' kind of dialaaks

8. Kalaimamani T K Shanmugasunthari - Remember her from Thillana mohanambal with the vettalaipotti? She is singer T K Kala's mother...oops! Kalaimamani T K Kala's mother

9. Gayathri a.ka 'Metti oli' Saro - Sources say that her per episode consumption of glycerin in Metti Oli was close to 20 bottles. {for peethal's sake - she lives in the same area as I}

The much awaited Tele-vetti 2 is here!

Identify these aaartishtees of Chinnathirai.

Email your answers to blogeswari {AT} gmail {DOT} com

  • 9 points to be won - one point per correct answer

  • One attempt per person / Only one guess allowed

  • Email your answers to blogeswari {AT} gmail {DOT} com

  • Last day for sending your entries : Sunday 2nd November 8pm IST

14 Responses:

Anonymous said...

i thought you were going to give us 'few days' time for the first quiz! nooottt fair :(

Artnavy said...

i shall revert after i ask my paati the answers

i am sure i will get all correct

PVS said...

Selvam in kolangal
kushboo's father -- in some film, so we call him that :)
Dont know her name
Typist gopi (hope his name is correct)

Guruprasad said...

this is going to be very easy...
1. "Puthira punithama" Dr. Sharmila
2. Devadarshini - now also an upcoming comedy artiste accompanying Vivek
3. Vishwa - not sure if this is original name, or his character name from "Chithi"
4. "Sombu" Nattaamai - Shanmugasundaram
5. Vadivukkarasi? (moonji nalla therlai)
6. Krishnan - K. Balachander's find; before he was found, he was in Crazy Mohan's troop
7. Forgot her name, but have seen her in many serials...
8. Kaveri
9. Typist Gopu
Can you send me some award?

neha vish said...

Am faxing this to my grandmother. She will win. What you will give?

Anonymous said...

In future, I shall have to ask my paati for advise and will get there first in the queue for your next tele vetti quiz

Anonymous said...

1) Dr.Shyamali
2) Devadarshani
3) dont know his name but has seen him in avm serials, metti oli
4) ?
5) vadivu karsi
6) kavithalaya krishnan
7) seen this gal, in mettioli i guess
8) seen this gal also, in arasi acting as ranjani
9) ?

D LordLabak said...

You forgot to mention that Metti oli Gayathri acted as Parvathi in Siva puranam and ended up marrying the "Sivan" or "Shiva". I hope they are still together.

Anonymous said...

for tele vetti-2

1 Dr. Sharmilee
2 Devadarshini
3 Vishwa
4 Shanmuga sundaram
5 Vadivukkarasi
6 kavitalaya krishnan
7 ---
8 metti oli Danam
9 typist Gopu.

Anonymous said...

Not a regular commenter ,but read I do,regularly :)
Here goes : woman actor ..used to host Thakadimitha.
4.yakka sanmugasundaram ka
5. Vadivu
6.Krishnan- the KB sir guy
9.typist gopu

King said...

hey am a newbie to ur blog, was just going through ur post,seems ur ultimately funny :)

Ramyah said...

I'm not a serial buff but i'll try..

1) Dr. Sharmila
2) Devadharshini
3) Vishwa @ Selvam of MEtti Oli
5) Vadivukkarasi
6) Krishnan
7) Meena Kumari
8) Kaaveri
9) Typist Gopi

Anonymous said...

Ada che everyone's paati all TV serial addict dhaana? I thought it was only mine

Unknown said...

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