Monday, October 13, 2008

Flavour of the day 3

Fifty percent of the ad film makers in Mumbai are Bongs - Abhishek Chaudhuri (Dadu) of Black Magic Motion Pictures, Namita Roy Ghosh and Subhir Chaterjee of White light Moving Picture company and ofcourse, Pradeep Sarkar of Apocalypso. If you observe closely, a lot of their ad films will have a Bong touch - be it a character artiste dressed in a Bong saree,  Pujo celebrations , big bindi for the main character and so on.

Pradeep Sarkar has directed quite a few music videos - especially for Euphoria.  I am not a great fan of Pradeep Sarkar's ad films and music videos - They are very tacky, sets look the same and the films feature the same faces again and again.

But this music video is an exception... probably 'coz it has Shubha Mudgal who has a very unique and distinctive voice. Listen to this breezy number by Shubha Mudgal with a feel good video directed by Pradeep Sarkar and filmed by Anil Mehta.

I am glad I am gonna listen to this song more than once everyday, this week (trade secret... shhh..)

PS : There is a Tamizh song with the same tune - atleast the beginning. It starts with 'Naan unnai...' sung by SPB. I don't remember the full song, just the beginning. Does anyone know which film it is from? 

5 Responses:

Artnavy said...


i love the maye ree video of euphoria:-))

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Don't know why I am not able to se the image / link. Can you email it to me? thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi. The Tamizh song has been inspired by the song from the Hindi Film Anand, "Na Jiya Lage Na" sung by Lata Mangeshkar and music composed by Salil Chowdhury.

Blogeswari said...

Thanks Anon! Bingo!! Adedaan

Anonymous said...

naan ennumpozhudhu from azhiyadha kolangal.

-- aravind