Wednesday, August 19, 2020

A Walk Down Rahman Lane by LKS

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I started living on my own in 2005 in Tampa, FL. My first few months in the US were fun, but there was definitely a feeling of being away from home and family and more importantly, managing personal finances and such. And to add to that there are usual/typical concerns on a day to day basis ("Will I get a part time job or get an assistantship? Will I burnt food again? When it is my cooking turn tonight?" etc.)

On most days, I used to walk from college to my apartment which was a 30 minute walk. It was during this time that I became a huge fan of Aararai Kodi song in Ah Aah.

The movie was terrible and I still wonder why Rahman composed that song for that movie. I digress, but it was awesome to listen to Rahman's voice everyday on my walk home. The song definitely helped me become calm and made me feel that things will get better. Even now, when I listen to this song, I remember my first six months in the US and feel nostalgic at how long ago it seems. I still listen to this song when I feel overwhelmed with work or things happening in my life.

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LKS. (not to be confused with PKS played by the guest blogger's favourite actor) a.k.a Karthik Sriram a.k.a Shri is a Business planning professional based out of the US.
He is your 'extraordinarily ordinary' Pakkathu veetu Madras payyan who loves Tamizh movies, ThalaRoxxx, Tamizh music and cricket.
My very first pullayar suzhi based blogger friend from 2007, (and we have thankfully, tolerated each other & not unfollowed, being an outrage aatha and all that), LKS is the friend one can call anytime, to discuss vetti stuff like Tamizh Bigg Boss news, Rajini's political entry, latest S J Suryah films and productive stuff like ThalaivARR's music.

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