Thursday, August 06, 2020

A Walk Down Rahman Lane by Vinitha Vijayakumar

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Not so long ago, a Saturday evening turned horrendous because I had to watch this disaster called 'Imaikka Nodigal' in cinemas. Uff! Even now my body and mind is aching thinking about it. The next morning I was in that hangover and so I did this and that to get out of the “meh” feeling. 

Thankfully, when I was browsing through my library in Apple Music I landed up at 'New' one among the most famous albums of ARR. It was an instant energy booster and I felt so fresh after listening to the entire album. I wrote the below as an fb post as well. 

“Imagine yourself on a drive on a highway! The car is moving at 120 and suddenly a song of full energy starts playing to give you the indescribable energy that you were craving the most! To get over my Imaikka Nodigal hangover,  I am doing all I can, and this album 'New' is super helpful in the process! A 2005 release still as fresh as any contemporary album. ARR is timeless! I think this was the era, we got the best Intro songs. And this album was unique in its own way to comprise of songs those were stand-alone hits! Irrespective of the content of the movie, I think 'New' as an album is quite a good one! "If you wanna" song broke the stereotype of heroine character intro songs sung by Aparna, Anupama, and Chinmayi. Some Girl power there, you know!


Nobody expected Nithyashree would pull off a "Markandeya"! An experiment that clicked big time! 'Sakkarai..' became the best addition in the list of Rahman's folkish dance duets like "Nee kattum selai", "Usilampatty" "Anjadhe jeeva" and "Gopala Gopala"! 'Thottal Poo Malarum' created a new formula for remixes! "Kalayil dhinamum" for all the melody lovers, 'Spiderman', a definition of seductive ecstasy and "NEW NEW", is a powerhouse! Blaaze, Karthik, Vijay Prakash, Sunitha Sarathy and Tanvi Sha - What a combination! The rap portion is out of the world! And our own Vaalee Sir innovating the lyrical part with titles of MGR movies. If possible listen to the song and find them out! :)”

I grew up listening to ARR, so all my stories have all his songs. Thought of sharing the above as it happened recently 😀
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Bj said...

Wow thanks for this long-forgotten gem. Been listening to this album on loop since I read this post.