Thursday, August 20, 2020

A Walk Down Rahman Lane by Rajasekar

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Though I'm aware of A R Rahman's songs and listened to his music right from my kindergarten days (1990 born), I was completely blown away by the sound he produced when my dad bought this Panasonic Five CD Changer and the first album I played was Parthale Paravasam.

I was eleven years old in 2001 so don't even know what heartbreak is and the melancholy associated with it yet the Azhage Sugama number pushed me to listen multiple times. I was addicted to the album (although people only remember KB's Duet with Rahman these days, for me, PP is a close to heart album. Love check, Nee Dhaan En Thesiya Geetham, Manmadha Masam, Nadhir Dhina, Moondrezhuthu would be continuously blasted in 1400W dual speaker in my home)

Back to Azhage Sugama...

Whenever I return from school, I'd listen to this song and strangely, it also gave me peace of mind and tune me to concentrate on the day-to-day homework and studies. For some reason, I used to play this number before entering the exam hall, before preparing for semester exams and it continued till I finished college.

Azhage Sugama... ARR ey Sugama..
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