Tuesday, August 18, 2020

A Walk Down Rahman Lane by Ninad Sonawane

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My life is a series of dualities, twos...Unbelonging in either world... Like the mythical Trishanku, stuck between this world and the heavens above.

When I was going through particularly troubling times, transitioning, accepting, choosing one world over another, Rockstar was released. It was the last audio CD I bought. This was a confusing period in my life and swinging between love and lovelessness, the lyrics of "... Khaiyon Na Tu Naina Morey..." didn't have the same resonance they would have otherwise had. 

What stuck a chord was the musical Jugalbandi piece "Dichotomy of fame"... Colliding two worlds, celebrating their individuality and cleaved together in a spellbinding manner. 
Marital separation and decisions about matters of heart are severe. Love, longing and loss leave deep wounds and searching your heart and mind to discover what direction you want to take takes a heavy toll on your sanity and peace of mind. 

I visualised the lived past and imagined past and possible futures while playing "Dichotomy of fame" on repeat. At the end of the day, what had to happen, happened. The pain and joy of contemplation while listening to the Shehnai and guitar, stayed with me. Belonging and Unbelonging to someone and losing exclusivity of those emotions is what my journey from Iruvar to Rockstar stands for. 

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