Monday, August 17, 2020

A Walk Down Rahman Lane by Pattukkaaran

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ARR is an integral part of every 90's kid’s childhood. He played a vital role in tuning my ears to music of different kinds. Both I & Rahman were introduced to the world at right about the same time. I was born 5 months before his debut, in a small town in South Tamil Nadu. 

'Kanne Kalaimaane' was my lullaby, Pettai Rap was my dance number, but Rahman “happened” to me through 'Oliyum Oliyum’. I was fascinated to see the glass bus in ‘Urvasi Urvasi’ I grew up listening to ‘Mukkala Mukkabla’, ‘Romeo Aatam Potaal’ etc. But no, I'm not gonna talk about those songs. 

I'm here to share about "Alaipayuthey" - the 1st cassette I owned, the 1st cassette I played in loop. I noticed Rahman's name in the cassette, little did I know that that meant that he was the magician behind those songs. I knew Alaipayuthey songs by heart. The 1st song in Side A, the 2nd song in Side B. I knew the lyrics, the time between each song in the cassette, the number of oscillations I had to do with the pencil to reach a specific song.. EVERYTHING! I used to sit near the speakers when the album played and keenly watched the vibration of my speakers! :P I played that cassette until it started jarring at one point and I had to get another copy. I have the cassette safe with me till date.

It always amazes me that this man keeps reinventing himself, every album. He keeps learning. He listens and keeps himself updated. Thank you sir, your smile calms me like your music does. I do go back to your old interviews when I feel low. You are AMAZING. Stay the same.

Btw, I love Rahman's Insta feed. Forget the copy posts, whatever he does on his own, has soo much life! :)


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