Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tele-vetti 3

I am super thrilled!! Bayangara enthusiastic responses for Tele-vetti 2. The description and the nicknames of namma chinnathirai kalaignargal that you mailed along with your answers were hilarious!

Thank you all! Ammani suggests that the winners be awarded with something special. I hereby award THE AMMIES© to the winners - Inbavalli, Shoefiend and Manikandan! Congratulations ! 

The final scores:

Inbavalli - 9/9

Shoefiend - 9/9

Manikandan - 9/9

Gayatri - 8/9

Icarus Prakash - 8/9

Guruprasad - 8 /9

Deepz - 8/9

Ramyah Subramaniam - 8/9

Ammani - 7/9

The one only King - 7 /9

Raji Muthukrishnan - 7 /9

Radha - 6/9

Gayathri - 6/9

Karthik Sriram - 6/9

Kaushik - 6/9

PVS - 5/9

Chennai fan - 5/9

Pv -3/9

The answers for Tele-vetti 2:All trivia / nicknames relevant to the artistes is courtesy fellow bloggers / readers who participated in the quiz.

1.Dr.Sharmila - (not Shyamili, Sharmilee, Urmila etc) - of 'Pudhira Punidhama' fame

2. Devadarshini - (not Priyadarshini) She worked with actor Chetan in Marmadesam, fell in lauvvvv and got married.

3. Vishwa - (not Selvam) Worked with The Indian Express earlier and has worked / is working in a number of serials. Dubbed for 'Songi' Shaam in 12B. Fellow blogger describes him as the 'Surya of Chinnathirai'.

4. Shanmugasundaram - Almost everyone got his name right. One of the Mumoorthis of Doordarshan Tuesday dramas. For those asking who the other two moorthis are, please have a look at the grid for tele-vetti-3, pictures # 4 and # 9. Shanmugasundaram aspired in vain to become the next Sivaji-melodrama-ganesan. He is every mimickry artiste's delight. Younger brother of veteran actress Chandragantha;his brother Viji is a popular dupping artiste. His most memorable role - playing the over-the-top appa of kanaga in Karagattakkaran.

5. Vadivukkarasi - Made her debut in Sigappu Rojakkal as Kamal's secretary in yellow and pink dress speaking hep Englees and thus joined the Radhikas and Radhas of Kollywood - heroines introduced by Bharathiraaja and exploited to the maximum in his films . Vadivukkarasi acts as an azhuvacchi amma-villi maamiyar in most serials.

6. 'Kavithalayaa' Krishnan - Used to roam around in a TVS 50 in Mylapore(I think he still does) doing one kumbudu to Kavithalayaa office in the morning without fail. Has the great honour of having his name mentioned as 'Kalaimamani Kavithalayaa Krishnan' in Kuselan's credits - an honour that no one else in the film (not even stalwarts like Livingston, Thyagu, Vaiyyapuri) was bestowed upon! Wow! you are great KKK*!

7. Meenakumari - What KKK* is to Kavithayala, Meenakumari is to AVM. I see her in all AVM serials as an Anni with a minimum of five sisters-in-law.

8. Kaveri - earlier known as Angela , she made her debut with the dashing Prashanth in Vaigasi Porandachu. Best known as Dhanam in Metti Oli.

9. 'Typist' Gopu - Radio Mirchi, Madras once did a morning show on World Typewriters' day and guess who the special guest on-air was? 'Typist' Gopu!! We may have forgotten the good old typewriters and switched to PCs but can you forget this man and his name ?

Thanks to Tele-vetti 2, I discovered something new - Didn't know that my Delhi-born n' brought up Tam-Purushan had an immense knowledge of Tamizh serials. He was able to recognize Vishwa as Selvam and Dhanam of metti Oli and surprise surprise, Kavithalayaa krishnan as the man who used to act as a handicapped guy in 'Avargal' which was telecast five years ago on Sun! I am so proud of you, my dear best-aff.

With Tele-vetti 3 here's a chance to score a perfect ten. But unfortunately, you will need to have some knowledge of Indi serials / shows. Since some part of my job also involves dealing with Indi serials and shows (hmm... I even get to speak to eliminated Big boss contestants as soon as they are eliminated.. teriyuma?), I thought I'd pass on the 'inbam of Indi imsai' to the tamizh pesum nall-blogging-ulagu. The tele-vetti 3 grid has 9 pictures with 9 tamizh serial faces. An extra picture with one number Punjabi kudi is right below the grid. Identify all of them and you win yourself ten points.

  • 10 points to be won - one point per correct answer

  • One attempt per person / Only one guess allowed

  • Email your answers to blogeswari {AT} gmail {DOT} com

  • Last day for sending your entries : Tuesday 4th November 8pm IST

Now for your tenth point, identify this Punjabi Kudi:

Email your answers to blogeswari {AT} gmail {DOT} com . I'd request you to not to post your answers in the comments' section.

All the best!

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Anonymous said...

super quiz...

have mailed U the ans. Belated diwali wishes. :)

Artnavy said...

i am second place this time- yes or no??

Anonymous said...

Shoefie 9/9?! On behalf of all thaaikulam including the paatis, congratulations

umm oviya said...

i don't watch tamil serials, but still answered. i deserve special mention.