Friday, February 29, 2008

விளம்பர விளையாட்டு 24

Identify the advertisements posted in the picture grid.
# 12 points to be won
# Email answers to blogeswari[at]gmail[dot]com
# One attempt per person.
#Only one guess allowed

Results on the next Vilambara Vilayaattu
Answers for விளம்பர விளையாட்டு 23
1. Arogya 4 1/2 milk ; 2. Jr Horlicks ; 3. LIC housing finance ; 4. Brookebond 3 roses ;
5. Pepsodent ; 6. Ariel ; 7. Comfort ; 8. Dove ; 9. Clinic all clear ; 10. Surf excel excel matic
Results :
Manikandan rajamani wins! 10 / 10 ; Umayal - 9 / 10 ; Ravages , Dhivya ;Raji ; Sala annamalai ; gayathri nathan ; The visitor - 8 out of 10 . Congratulations!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kaapi with KK

Ask any die-hard Radio listener in Mumbai on their favourite RJ... and they will most likely say "Jaggu and Tarana, ofcourse!". Jaggu and Tarana of Radio One are probably the only spontaneous, intelligent, genuinely funny, no-nonsense, non-vazhinjax non-"chooo chweeet ya" RJs around in Mumbai and my mornings are incomplete without listening to their show 'Good morning Mumbai'

Having participated in umpteeen Radio One contests I decided not to miss this one where they invited listeners, a couple of days ago, to sing with playback singer KK on Radio One. After several calls to Radio One, I managed to get through and record my singing bit. There were two other singers who were shortlisted and their renditions of a KK song along with mine were played back to back and the other listeners had to judge the final winner. Yippee, I had won. And yes, I was there this morning at the Radio One studio to meet KK, this super duper marvellous singer. Please ask me what I sang on air and won.. Uyirin Uyirae.
This morning, KK walked into the studios at around 8.30 am and I was introduced to him by the enthu morning producer Jagjit aka Jaggi [not to be confused with Jaggu]. I was super thrilled to meet the voice behind Appadi Podu, Kaadhal Valarthen, Mudhal Naal Indru, Strawberry Kanne and many many other hits. After the intro link on air with KK, it was duet time.. yes the peoples! Sang with KK! We sang a few lines of the song 'Yaaaron Dosti badi hi haseen hai' from the film Rockford. Shiv Shetty, another die hard KK fan [he works with Radio One] joined us.
Jaggu and Tarana's interaction with KK on-air was a laughter riot. Tarana was her usual teacher self. "KK, don't drink water when we are on air...we can hear your gulp", "Areey KK, why have you sung an English song on this album?" "Why that?" "Why this?". Quite unlike a few other RJs who go vazhinjax with every guest on air... including the tundu beedi types.

Post the on-air session, was invited for breakfast with the crew. Vettified idli sambar with a little bit of talking in tamizh with KK. I did one number Malarum ninaivugal kinda interview with KK. A few excerpts.

Me: Please sing more tamizh numbers
KK: I want to avoid being repetitive. It is no fun doing another 'Appadi podu'
Me: But 'Appadi podu' is a huge hit. We would love to hear another dappanguthu from you... Your last number with Rahman was from Saathiya...which was sometime in 2002...
KK: Rahman works mostly in the nights. My voice cracks up after 10 pm and I can't sing after 10. (he mentioned this on air as well)
[A gist of the rest of the conversation with KK]
KK: I am excited about my first Mallu song from the film Violet. My grandma refuses to acknowledge me as a singer since I haven't sung a single Mallu song. Now she is all excited ever since I told her about my Mallu number. Harris, Yuvan and Vidyasagar are the rockstars in Tamizh film music. Of late, since I have been busy with my album I haven't been able to travel or concentrate on film music. I do 3-4 recordings a week and am quite busy with shows.
[during breakfast] Soambu venuma?
[In the pic: KK, Jagjit, Jaggu and Tarana]
I got an autographed CD of his new album Humsafar. Yet to listen to it.. hopefully, during this weekend, I'll be able to. KK came across as a down to earth, warm and genuine person and I guess it reflects in his renditions. Listen to Labon Ko from Bhool Bhulaiyya, Tadap Tadap from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, two of my favourite Hindi songs by KK.

Dear Jaggu and Tarana, when is your next "meet the playback singer (Shankar Mahadevan!!) contest?"

Monday, February 04, 2008

Kala Ghoda festival

Half a dozen caricature artists busy drawing sketches of people, kids bathing themselves with colour, a whole lot of craft exhibits from all over India, dance performances... The Kala Ghoda festival was a mini carnival of sorts. The best part about the festival is the great Mumbai Mumbai connect it has... starting from Prayer wheel-Tiffin dabbas (see pic), a 'Mumbai Eye' ferris wheel made out of cycles with tiffin dabbas, a!
A giant shoe exhibit stuck with miniature shoes, a no.30 size shoe, vintage cars, pottery... It was a visual treat. More pictures...