Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This entity called Kollywood fanatic. I don't understand it sometimes. I understand a Rajni fan, Puratchi Thalaivar fan who are both mass. Ulaga Nayagan fan, Nadigar Thilagam fan are class. I also get {Shabaaa..} Vijay fans 'coz, lets give it to him- he can dance well, he has that opening-song appeal. BUT I DON'T UNDERSTAND THALA ROCKZZZZ FANS. I simply don't. He cannot dance. He cannot have expression except "adhu!". Why we have Thala Rockzzzz fans?

After witnessing all the Bros and the sisters of the families saying "Mankatha da", "We rule bro", for more than a year now, we went to watch "Mankatha da" ..sorry Mangatha - A Venkat Prabhu game, today.


For the first time on Kollywood screen, one mega hero Saar has shed the image of 'Ega Patthiniviradhan' 'No Kudi [except when Kaadhal tolvi]', 'Ooorukku uzhaippavan' 'Nallade Seivan' ''NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL HAIRSTYLE kaaran' etc. Calling Spade a Spade, in this movie the hero Vinayak Mahadevan (Ajith) does not make an attempt to act Nallavan, Vallavan. He is a moda kudiyan, sleeps around, has Grey hair, is a Baddd man and he is a (Taru)Thala! Adddhhu! Hero Saar is a suspended Inspector and plans to steal all IPL bet money in Arumugam Chettiar's (Jayapragash) custody along with Sumanth (Vaibhav Reddy) - Chettiar's henchman, Cop Ganesh (Ashwin), Super hacker Prem (gi Amaren) and Vetti guy Magath (Raghavendra). They are pretty successful in their attempt but two of them escape with the monies and whether Mr.Adhu manages to find them and take all the "Money Money Money" forms the rest of the story.


"Annan Udaiyan Padathukku Anjaan" - Thambi Premgi need not worry about getting roles in his films as long as Annan Director Venkat Prabhu keeps directing them. Thambi with his nerdy looks has full kaamedy lines, predictable IR background score as his entry scene and even gets to give romantic look (what's new) to Laxmi Rai. Since it is Premgi rockzzz you just ignore.

There are also other Veteran jokers like the Great one and only Shanmughasundaram Sir. He sizzles the screen with his ferfomance and people ore da laugh when He comes on screen for exactly a milli second of a second. Blogeswari does not want Sir to feel bad. As a long time fan, He will get more screen time on this blog than He ever got in his Kalaiturai Payanam.


Tirisha +own dubbing, Andrea, Laxmi Rai+Suchi dubbing, Anjali, Sagalakala Vallavan Thulasi as Tirisha's mother - Too many ladies, very little for them to do. Tirisha's costumes (Vasuki Bhaskar) are very very nice. I can already see ads from Chennai silks, Naidu Hall, Pothy's advertising 'Mankatha Kurtis' this Deevali. This Laxmi Rai - Apart from this much publicized date with Dhoni what else has this done? Supposedly the b^&* in the Mankatha Game like the Angelina Jolie variety. She is konjam sad.

And Kungumam already has their next cover story ready - "Naan emaandu vittena?" - Mankatha-vil tundu beedi role kedaithadaal kumurugraar Anjali


The Casinos of Ocean's 11 and 13 have become Clubs / Old Theater in Mankatha. The film is hugely inspired by all the DVDs the R.A.Puram boys must've borrowed from Tic Tac. The Dishoom Dishoom scenes, the beeped out cuss words and ofcourse Thala with his Salt-Pepper hair like Hollywood Thala Clooney- ore da Casino Royal in Kodambakkam only.


'Vilayadu Mangatha' is semma title track. Liked 'Vaada Bin Lada' as well. But what was the picturization of 'Vaada' like some Modfurn furniture type ad ? 'Machi open the bottle' though a carbon copy of 'Saroja Saman nikhalo' is seri kutthu material. Rest of the songs were strictly ok. The background score is one big saving grace for the film. Pinna? All three Isaignani varisus - Yuvan, Bhavatharini and Karthickraja have contributed to the sooper rerecording ..*Tatatatainnggg* - nice it is the theme score.


Wonder how Arjun has managed to stay semma youth. Deserved more screen time, for sure. Action King is ACP and an equally important role to Thala but looks like director suddenly thought of this character and puguthyfyed it in the film. Actually looks like director had thought of the story only suddenly.. after starting the shoot for Thala's 50th film with mega announcement and all *Tatatatainnggg*


Some Jack a$$e$ were seriously missed in the film since it was namma 'Bro' Venkat Prabhu Anna's film and we are all one family, one nation, one RA Puram, one cricket - so when Annan makes films we, as friends, sorry Bros put guest appearance. One name that comes first in the missing Jack list - SIMBU ! How namma Former Little superstar (Lolzzz) and present day Young Super star - STR was not given one second screen space in the film is one big puzzle. He is one Big Thala fan Saar!


What works for the film is.. er.. ya, Ajith's cool dude attitude, Action King Arjun, Action sequences (repetitive yes) the super beginning and a racy (and verrry predictable) end.


The things that don't work - Story from the Archives of Hyder Ali, Some hajjar we-are-also-there-people like Yakka Yakka Ambiga's ex husband Rajkant who is there in all Venkat Prabhu movies, Thala's acting n dancing (where? where?), boring two hours in the middle of the film. Also, there is no thrill or suspense element. The director must understand that makkal watch all Hollywood films' dubbed versions these days on TV. So no point doing a twist and turn and giving them a climax that they have predicted when you put Censor Board certificate in the beginning of the film after National Anthem. I waited and waited till something major happened on screen and that something ended up being *Tatatatainnggg* . Yawn!

Mankatha - A Venkat Prabhu over hype - 2.5 out of 5