Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ADra sakka! ADra mokka! -2

It is IPL season and also the time of the year - Lots of cricket, lots of ads!

ADra sakka!

1. Bank of India

What's with me and my love for the BFSI ads? This ad deserve an applause for the way it has captured the relationship between people. This one talks about friends who have been friends for years but doesn't show them sharing a cup of chai in the park benching cracking silly jokes, talking sensex, politics etc. The storyboard for you.

Can't find the link for this ad. If you manage to find it online, please post it in the comments section.

2. Idea Oongli cricket

Simple, direct communication. Shot well. I like.

But revealers are mega sodappified. Go to the 'ADra mokka' section for more details.

3. Tata Sky plus

Tata sky plus is positioned as the peacemaker in this series titled 'Cold war'. ' Burnt toast' and
' Elevator' were so-so. I like the Mixer ad the best. Shivani Tanksale as the wife is superb and her expressions are priceless.

ADra mokka!

1. Youngistaan Ka Wow!

Somebody... somebody tell me what 'Youngistaan ka wow' means. Few years ago, team JWT came up with this term Youngistaan which is very yo! captures the spirit of the brand, vibrant, energetic blah blah. Nice. Applause. Applause. They could have continued with the same positioning. But just to prove a point that they have done some work this year to improve the brand positioning, the team thought and thought over several client sponsored beer sessions and came up with Youngistaan Ka wow! Thanks to Pepsi and Youngistaan, team JWT enjoyed a super duper holiday in the USA during the shoot of this TVC.

2. Idea Oongli cricket

Looks like they had lots of time to shoot the teasers but none to shoot the revealers. I guess with a day's call sheet from Abhishek Bachchan, these guys decided to shoot all 45 questions at one go. Take a look at the disaster. Total Vaandhi!

3. Havell's

The ad opens with a Hangman feeling guilty after pulling the lever. He walks, washes his face gets back home and switches on the bulb. This CFL saves energy and hence good for the environment. The voice-over's literal translation is - We do so much of paavam in our life , why not make some punyam .... by conserving energy? huh? Is it dark humour? funny? or are we missing something?


I'd like to nominate this ad for Cannes this year in all categories possible. To come up with a tagline "Vishwas hai ismein kuchh khaas hai" and connect with a super duper ad... wow, hats off to the agency. This is surely the best ad of the year! Please put your hands together for J K Cements!

PS : Me thinks Zoozoos have lost their steam. Four days and no zoozoo buzz!