Wednesday, December 05, 2012

In my heart....

Patatopam - My father uses this word a lot. The closest English translation would be ostentatious. Here's one song that's so un-patatopam . All it has is a few violins, a guitar and an accordion in the end and of course a beautiful melody . The MTV version of Nenjukkulle  has been playing on loop for days now. She is my constant companion on the long distance runs I'm on these days.

The best part about the song is its voice - Shakthisree Gopalan. It's so rare to come across female voices that are not falsetto. Almost 99% of the female singers around sing in a voice which is not their speaking voice. I kinda cringe when I listen to mookkala paadara voices. Shakthi's voice is so pure and simple and that makes this song ultra special. And you know what? This song , though sounds simple , is going to be tough for the reality show contestants to sing. It's because of Shakthi's voice that is so unique.

The CD version of the song released as a single across Tamizh Radio stations all over the world. Have been listening to it non-stop since  yesterday. In this version, I do miss the accordion that was thru and thru in the unplugged version (and a bit of Ann Marie's violin ) but A R Rahman's humming in the middle in the new version more than makes up for it.

Can't wait for the release of the CD sometime this month.

Here's the video of unplugged version. Will post the CD version of the track once Sony music South uploads it on you tube.