Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Suddenly we have all become very Englees, French, Italian in our speeches. Junta used to talk about filling 'gas' in one number TVS 50. My first reaction - "Gas in TVS 50 na they fill petrol in Cylinder-a? Technology has imbroved so much eh?" Honestly, I thought 'gas' meant some pudu, special petrol exclusively for two wheelers in Madras. Wonly after sometime (months,days...hehe) I realized the Englipeesness of peoples.

Oflate, I seem to be hearing and reading a lot of 'awwwwwwwwws'. I don't know if its the 'aw' or the 'w's in the entire expression that bugs me. 'awww' is the annoying akka of 'cho chweet'.

Another most annoying expression / word is 'mwah'. "Thxs 4 rding ma blog.. c u ltr... mwah", read officially unofficial blog posts (I don't want to elaborate on this - velai mael aasai). Do you literally go around kissing everyone and anyone when you meet them? "Ma blog?" - I thought it was your blog and not your amma's.

And what's this 'moi' business? Official mails read "This has been adapted by moi" . Initially I thought it had something to do with 'Moi-ppanam'. May be the mail recipient owed some Moi-ppanam to the sender and using a 'moi' was a reminder for the pending amount.

I must've been snoring asusual when this great evolution of the language happened? Can you please to be telling me when and how the Great englipisification, French and Italification happened in our lives? Thanking you.

Updated - 21st May

"Sorry babes!", "Hi Babes!" is something I get to hear atleast a million times. Arrrrrrgh! Babes probably makes girls look / sound hip. Babe to me is a 'BABE'... The Ollipicchan models with LIC building heels, the Malaika Arora types with skirts shorter than jettis are BABES! Enna paatha Babe madiri teriyidha... I refuse to be associated with kutta skirt ollipicchans... Sorry babe!