Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vinnaithandi Varuvaya

One number love story was my debut followed by films on policekaarans with lauvv and action. I did yet another cop film. Then I tried to Ctrl+V Derailed followed by a film on Daddy Daddy, Son Son. I sat at home for a year wondering what to do next. "Time for a love story", I told myself and started working on the same. I finalized my artistes, technicians, locales and started shooting ....without a story. I booked Oscar-Grammy award winner A R Rahman as the music director for my Love Story...without a story. The shooting continued.... without a story. The film was ready and a big Giant bought my film. I was all excited . I went around the globe promoting the film. The film released two days ago. I am still looking for the story. If you managed to find it contact me on gautam.englishwonlymenon [at] vtv [dot] com. Thank you very much.

Vaat The Vetti

Travelling, meeting, presenting, sales figures counting, coughing, more and more coughing for two weeks and at the end of all this you still wanted to go and watch only because of Gautam Menon-ARR combo? "Vetti Vetti para vetti!Unakku venum" - ennaye naa sollinden.

Vaat The Valentine

Its love at first sight for yet another Karthik (Young superstar Simbhu) from the tamizh film world the moment he sees Jessie (Trisha), his neighbour. This budding assistant director in films jumps up in the air, does an SRKai movement, chases her on his bike, hits his chest, speaks Englipees dialogues which wonly Good-she, Church Park, WCC peoples understand. Jessie doesn't really like him... or so she says. She is very clear that her dad will never approve of a Hindu boy and hence refuses to entertain Karthik . But he is determined. He chases her all the way till Kerala and she kinda falls for him but is vehement. They travel back to Chennai and after ore da lauv in the train, she still says No. Then yes. Then No.. Then she leaves him and off she goes to UK (or US or some phoren country) only to say "Let's get married" in the end. He makes his first film predictably titled 'Jessie' and yeverybody loves the film. Jessie applauds his effort and a suspense awaits the viewer. Is she is love with him or not? Why did he make that film? Why did she say No,Yes, No and again Yes time and again? The director is as clueless as you and I are.

Velli Thiraiyil Vanduttanga

That's the literal translation of "They have arrived!" he he he. Agreed. Simbhu looks cool and has done a decent job, much better than his earlier films that I have seen on Sun and KTV. But somewhere, the I-chew-all-my-dialogues-and-spit-them-out is still intact. And that's probably why I couldn't see him in the same league as former chocolate boys of Kollywood-Bollywood- Madhavan (Alaipayuthey wonly), Aamir Khan (QSQT), Surya (several films :-p). Trisha's work is very good. Very understated and looks lovely except for a few closeups where the pancake makeup doesn't quite help camouflage her puffy eyes.

Vadakan The Veerakadha

Too much mallu-ing puts me off. The heroine is from the Mallu land, speaks Mallu on and off, there are scenes involving the entire family where the dialogues are fully "ende, unde , aaaaraaanu, oonu kazhinggghoo". Thank God I saw the English-subtitled version. Do the TN released prints have tamizh subtitled for mallu dialogues?

Vaat The Vorking

Two people in love, daddy and brother oppose. He yearns for her. She feels for him. They sing together... dance together. They separate. They are back. We have seen all of this before. Its a simple plot yet narrated with no melodrama, aruvaal, Tata Sumo, "daaaai" etc. The burden is entirely on the lead and they have managed to pull it off quite well... at least till the first half.

The intimate scenes between Trisha and Simbhu are very well conceived, picturized. You can totally relate to them.

Very Terrific Viewfinder

Super impressed with cinematographer Manoj Paramahamsa (Eeram, Unnaipol Oruvan). He has managed to retain the very middle class look of the film through and through with no flashy look-I-am-the-cameraman compositions.

Vogue and The Vague

Trisha's sarees are going to become hot stuff post this film thanks to costume designer Nalini Sriram. But she could have done a much better job in the Western outfits. These look vague, put together in a hurry and terrible in the Kannukkul Kann song.

Very True Vaarthaigal

Like all Goutam Menon's films this one too has 'normal' everyday dialogues. There is even a dialogue in the film taking a dig at his own films with English dialogues.The Kaadhal dialogues like "Yaarum un kann vazhiya enna paakaliye!" fit into the film beautifully.Nice.

Chinmayi's dubbing works for Trisha. Ganesh one of the producers who plays Simbhu's friend is witty.

Vinnai Taandiya Vinner...

...A R Rahman! Have been listening to all the songs for over a month now. My morning routine starts with Omana Penne moving on to Hosannah, Kannukkul Kannai, Anbil Avan, Vinnaithandi varuvaya, Mannippaya and ofcourse Aaromale. Two rotations of the songs are a must. The thing about ARR's songs is the simple melody enhanced by the arrangement. If you listen to them carefully, there will be a musical note heard far far away in the background or the extra 'gamakam' humming fading down in the second paragraph or a violin piece for 5 seconds in the middle of the song. In my opinion, these are the stuff that make them have great recall value.

In this film, there is a scene where Simbhu hums the ARR background score from Bombay, when he sees Trisha in the church. It goes "Pa sa ni sa ni sa ri sa ni dha pa ma ga pa ma ga ma ri". It instantly brought back the shot where Arvind Swamy looks at Manisha Koirali from the top and the camera going round from his point of view. Super!

Vaat The Vorking-not

I mentioned in one of the earlier paragraphs about the burden on the lead cast. In the second half it becomes extremely difficult for us to sit through 'coz of the same reason. Simbhu and Trisha are there in all the scenes through and through uttering the same thing again and again. Becomes repetitive after a point.

Songs are super but Gautam Menon disappoints with his picturization. Suddenly some Lou Bega types emerge from somewhere and point their fingers at us doing the rap-rap stuff. Disappointing.

Repetition - The director probably thinks that people who watch the film are dumb idiots who need to be told the same things several times over. The fact that Trisha's dad doesn't approve of inter-faith marriage and that Simbhu is totally in love with Trisha is repeated over and over again. And every dialogue between them has their name 'attached' at the end of it. "Unakku purilaya Karthik? Enga appa-kku idu pidikkadu Karthik. Karthik, enakku unna pidikkum Karthik!"... Ayyo! we know the names of the lead characters and we understand the problem between them. Why is this repeated like ten times in a scene?

Vaat The Vague

Trisha and Simbhu meet at UK and suddenly the song shifts to US. Simbhu's debut film's credits have Manoj Paramahamsa as the cameraman. I thought Ganesh, his friend (whose screen name i forget) was the director of photography.

Vettu-dabba of The Vellithirai

Samantha and Naga Chaitanya , son of Nagarjuna play Simbhu's on-screen hero, heroine. This guy can't act for nuts. And I am told he plays Simbhu's role in Telugu version. All the best Andhra-ites!

Varthaila vanTha V *!&^@

I am not for using foul language in films even if they are beeped out. The f word pops up pretty frequently. It is very evident that the second half had put the Censor board to sleep. Simbhu's tamizh M word goes unedited, un-beeped.

Vendaam This Vinai

In the last scene, Trisha asks Simbhu how he managed to get her number and he says "adutha padathula sollaren". "Ayyo, vendam Gautam Menaa - nee padamum edukkavendam , engalukku sollavum vendam"

Voltage &The Vegam...

are missing in the film.The film is not pacy. It should not be, infact. You really don't mind the slow narrative in the first half because of Simbhu and Trisha. But its completely the opposite in the second half. You get put off with the repetitions (oops! Aint I repeating the same thing again and again? VTV influence I guess!) and the yawwwn climax. There is no high point in the film... everything is in a mega serial pace.

Vinnaithandi Varuvaya - A lovely first half is spoilt by the maha boring second half.

Vaasalaye Thaandala - 2.5 out of 5

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Name is Khan

Going by the number of five and five and a half stars the film has got from honorable reviewers, let me clarify before I start. My name is Blogeswari and I have not been paid to write this review.
My name is Kaaviyam
The Kaaviyam is about Rizvan Khan played by Saaruk kaan suffering from Asperger's Syndrome 'coz of which he has a problem with social interaction, hates the color yellow and stays away from noise and crowd. He lives with Ammi Zarina Wahab does some craft-giri at home when she is not drawing stick figures explaining Unity across religions, to her son . Rizzzu moves to US with brother Jimmy Shergill and bhabhi Soniya Jehan. He falls in love to hairstylist , single mom Mandira (Gajol). Rizzu and Mandira get married and after a tragic incident you find Mandira screaming at Rizzu to go and tell the President of the United States of America "My name is Khan and am not a terrorist". Off goes Rizzu with his saaku-moottai roaming all over the country looking for the President to utter those golden words.
My name is M.G.R
Rizzu suddenly becomes MGR in Buddhan Yesu Gandhi pirandadu song and saves people from the hurricane, in the climax. Karaj Jogar in a bid to take his film to the International level brings in yet another Forrest Gump moment - a fat Mama Jenny and her scary hair son. Totally absurd this one is. Neither you nor Jogar has any idea on why the characters suddenly pop up on screen singing "Hum honge kaaaaamyaaaab" in Englipees.
My name is Saroja Devi
With MGR around, can Saroja Devi be far behind?
Please, someone explain why Rizzu keeps his hands like Saroja Devi and runs around, throughout the film?
My name is Khhhhashtakaalame
Please note, it is not Kashtakaalam but (from the epiglotis) Khhashtakaalam... Khaashtakaalam.. Everybody, not just Saaruk but everybody including the security officers at the airport overact.. ..over react. The interrogation scene where Rizzu is questioned in a cell by the officer reminds you of Gowravam Sivaji Ganesan interrogating Major Sundarrajan.
My name is Kaanamal Ponavargal
Talented actors like Arif Zackaria, Vinay Pathak, Sumeet Raghavan do tundu beedi roles. You blink and you will miss them. And which terrorist discusses plan out in the open I want to fake I tell you!
My name is Kattthal Koochal
Kajol is straight out of her Punjabu mummy avtar in Kappi Kushi Kappi Gum (K3G)... screams and shouts and makes you think Kirron Kher is deivam compared to her. Her make up is terrible and her acting (barring the one where she cries for her son) worse.
My name is Akka Dutt
You can't stand her torture on NDTV, on twitter... you run out of the house only to find her following you to the theatre.. She does one emosional news bit. Ayyo!
My name is Superstar
Obama and gumbal in out of focus do a 'Baasha Superstar walk' towards Saaruk and gang. Soooper!
My name is Kooppadu

Ok, this film has an Islamic background. But why does each and every song sound very Rahat Fateh Ali Khan- Shafqat Aman Ali –ish. The songs start straight with a koopaadu… Nooreeeeeeekhudaaaaaaaaaaa…. Sajdaaaaaaaaa (a sound-alike of the beautiful Iktara)...etc?

My name is yawn 
Are you on of those whose facebook page is filled with status messages like “ I lrnt a lot fm MNIK…", “Sharuk rocks!” ‘Spread love n peace! Kjo is the best!” “Humanity is humane… We are all one world” etc? Beware!! Don't trust these messages. Don't waste your time, money and energy watching S-I-C-K... i mean M-N-I-K! (rendum onnudan)
Saaruk-ji - Jogarji - please rename your film as
My name is Kodumai - 1 out of 5. Stay out of the theaters !